Trend Alert — Granite Countertops With Under-Mount Sinks

December 06, 2018


Under-mount kitchen sinks are one of the hottest trends in kitchen and bathroom design, so what’s the big deal? As it turns out, they have significant advantages over old-school drop-in sinks — both aesthetically and functionally. Here are just a few things you need to know about under-mount kitchen sinks, and why granite countertops are a perfect pairing.

Sleek, Streamlined Look

It’s no secret that minimalism has taken hold in the home interior industry. But even if your taste is more farmhouse and rustic, contemporary, or traditional, you can appreciate the sleek, streamlined look of an under-mount sink. The edge of the sink is hidden below the counter, and faucets are installed in the counter or wall — in fact, it offers a chance for the faucet hardware itself to become a decorative statement. 

Easy to Clean

Since there’s no lip around the sink, it’s a breeze to wipe or brush dirt and crumbs right into the sink. You also won’t need to scrub the grime from around the sink’s edge. A traditionally mounted drop-in sink tends to direct water outward onto the countertop, creating one more mess for you to clean up. Under-mount sinks direct it straight down toward the drain.

Long-Lasting Beauty

Under-mount sinks are usually made of porcelain or metal, two extremely durable materials. Traditional drop-in sinks are made of porcelain or metal also, but the exposed lip on top of the counter is prone to chipping, scratching, denting, and other damage. The edge of an under-mount sink is protected.

Ceara White Granite

When considering an under-mount sink, homeowners need to choose their countertops wisely. With a drop-in sink, the edge of the countertop is protected by the top of the sink. However, with an under-mount sink, the edge of the sink will be constantly exposed to water and other liquids. Therefore, under-mount sinks should only be installed with countertops that are water- and stain-resistant. Granite countertops are ideal thanks to their dense composition, and regular applications of sealer can make them virtually waterproof. 

Since there’s no sink edge to detract from the clean lines of the countertop, the pattern and color of the granite counter will stand out even more. One of the reasons homeowners consistently choose granite countertops is the huge variety of patterns and colors they can choose from — from white to black and everything in between, including exotic shades like green and blue. Granite patterns range from subtle to bold and dramatic. 

You can further personalize your granite countertops with various finishes such as polished, honed, or brushed. An array of edge treatments may be selected to customize it as well.

The kitchen or bathroom sink is a necessary part of the room’s design — but it doesn’t have to take over the room. Under-mount sinks emphasize the practical functionality of the feature while allowing your other decorative choices to have center stage. Take advantage of this trend by choosing gorgeous granite colors, and you’ll agree that practicality can also be beautiful.


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