Why We Love Environmentally Sustainable Quartz Countertops

March 02, 2022


When it comes to quartz countertops at MSI, you have so many stylish possibilities!

Obviously when determining which countertop is right for you, the quartz vs. granite debate occurs almost instantly. It’s never easy deciding on these premium surfaces because countertops are such center points of anyone’s home. Most often found in kitchens and bathrooms, they are used to eat off of, rest hot plates and foot items on, even become a work-from-home desk with various kitchen offerings to tempt you. There are so many things to think about when deciding a countertop: Do you want a polished finish? What type of countertop material is best? Will my top pick fit in with my kitchen design?


Quartz countertops many a great addition to anyone’s home and kitchen for a variety of reasons. Quartz is nonporous, made from roughly 90% quartz, meaning they’re extremely stain resistant. How perfect is that considering the spills and accidental mistakes that can happen with food come mealtime? Unlike granite, quartz does not need to be sealed regularly, which can go a long way towards lower quartz countertop costs.

Many homeowners also love quartz because it’s incredible strong and durable and requires little maintenance. No need for special sprays or brushes to maintain the sparkle and shine of these countertops. This means you can focus on other things in your home that may need regular maintenance instead of your kitchen countertops—which is a huge relief!

Additionally, whether you’re choosing Carrara Quartz or another selection, they are all extremely stylish. The range of colors and patterns is absolutely breathtaking and can even mimic marble, granite, and concrete. Just imagine the great conversations around a cocktail party with a bright blue quartz countertop and all the inspiration it evokes.


Furthermore, quartz countertops are made with extreme precision, so they are less likely to have wear, tear, and imperfections like authentic marble or granite, which may have fissures, cracks, as well as color streaks. Since kitchen countertops are some of the most used counter space in a home, that regular wear and tear can become more visible more easily. Clearly, the benefits of quartz countertops far outweighs any disadvantages.

But wait—we’re not done talking about the benefits!

For environmentally conscious consumers, quartz is an excellent pick because of its low impact on environmental harm. Quartz is actually the second most abundant mineral in the world, which means its ample supplies are easy to access. Marble and granite, on the other hand, are found in only certain parts of the globe and can take excessive time and resources to get it transported to your home and installed in a timely manner.

The formation of quartz in the earth is prevalent, as it’s found between other rock formations either underground or in open cavities. Because it’s so easy to locate and mine, quartz can be found locally, ensuring it doesn’t have to be shipped from great distances. And we all know what “shipping from great distances mean”—excessive gas and waste being burned in transit. Quartz, since it’s so readily available, reduces environmental toll and in fact enhances sustainability!

Additionally, quartz does not need as much special handling as its marble and granite counterparts—no pun intended. So technically, fewer pieces are lost or damaged in the process and waste is minimized. Furthermore, quartz lasts a very long time and endures far beyond other materials, so it does not need to be replaced as often. That is good news for the environment but also for your bank account, which saves you future costs and time on re-installation.


And finally, quartz is actually recyclable. You may find some quartz countertops that are created with post-consumer recycled glass. How amazing is that? Clearly, this countertop type wins the Green Award for the next decade.

When it comes to all the quartz countertops MSI has to offer—well, there’s no shortage of options. Taking stock of what you prefer with your own aesthetic and the practical purposes of your countertop are important checklists to consider first.

Our concrete and matte looks are stunning to look at and soft and serene in any kitchen. Who doesn’t love a cook gray or striking black with a smooth velvety texture that can be easily seen and felt? Our options vary in a concrete finish Gray Lagoon and Babylon, as well as a matte finish Midnight Majesty, which is as intriguing to look at as it is sleek. Calcatta Vicenza with a matte finish offers a light and lovely sophisticated practicality, while our Fossil Gray (matte finish) allows you to design with serenity and ease. 

Or if you’re aiming for a brighter and whiter look, the clean and classic collection offers white quartz countertops with a sensibly chic aesthetic that is truly timeless. Whether it’s Frost White, Artic White, or another classy icy palette, you are sure to get what you are looking for. Our white quartz offerings are ideal for countertops as well as waterfall islands, backsplashes, and even feature walls. Q white quartz sets a definite mood and compliments a variety of décor around it. You’ll be delighted to know how low maintenance and long-lasting they are, as well. You will reap so many benefits from these styles and our white quartz selection!  


The benefits of quartz countertops are multilayered and exciting and one thing is for sure—you won’t be at a loss of designs to choose. There are so many options out there for you and MSI is thrilled to begin dreaming of the perfect kitchen countertop ideal for your home. In today’s world with so many concerns about our environment, the sustainability benefits of quartz countertops is always good to keep in mind and a real selling point for the conscientious consumer. After all, enjoying your new kitchen and entertaining in your next dinner party is fantastic when you know you’ve chosen a countertop that will benefit the earth as much as some of your other sustainability practices.

Explore your environmentally friendly quartz countertop options today!

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