March 29, 2024


Celebrate summer all year long with a Sunlit Serenity. Fashion interiors with warm vein marble-look countertops, waterfall islands, and fireplace facades while adorning full-height backsplashes with charming subway tiles like Stella Biscotti. Blonde tones found in wood-look luxury vinyl planks, cabinets, mantels, and ceiling beams add a touch of elegance to any room. Brighten up the atmosphere with large windowpanes and lush greenery to fully embrace this rejuvenating trend everyone is sure to appreciate.

Create serene surfaces using the materials below:

Flooring: Soreno Ivory Arterra Pavers; Savoy Azula Porcelain Tile; Acclima Runmill Isle® Luxury Vinyl Planks; Cyrus® Runmill Isle® Luxury Vinyl Planks

Countertops: Sea Pearl Quartzite

Backsplash & Wall Tile: Arctic Golden Stacked Stone, Stella Biscotti Subway Tile*

*Designer Tip: Mix things up by stacking these tiles vertically


  1. Welcome tranquility into your space with Laurel Reserve Tranquilla luxury vinyl flooring. Featuring enchanting hues of blonde adorned with authentic knots and grains, these planks illuminate any room with their natural beauty. Infuse kitchens, dining areas, and more with a touch of sunshine by incorporating gold metals and creamy accents, inviting in a radiant serenity reminiscent of the golden hour.
  2. Indulge in the allure of Calacatta Miraggio Cove, where elegant gold, pristine white, and soothing beige veins dance upon a backdrop reminiscent of warm Carrara marble. These earth-toned colors are perfect for stunning waterfall islands in kitchens, luxurious countertops and tub surrounds in bathrooms, and captivating floor-to-ceiling backsplashes in other living areas. Complement this marble-inspired quartz with blonde-toned wood finishes on floors, cabinets, and furnishings for a harmonious aesthetic. To invigorate your space further, adorn interiors with lush house plants, infusing every room with a revitalizing breath of fresh air.
  3. Elevate spaces with encaustic tiles such as Zaria Elora, ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms—or any area craving a bold pattern. These tiles effortlessly complement an array of quartz and natural stone slabs, as well as other tiles in MSI's lineup, offering versatility to suit any design aesthetic.
  4. Embrace the chic vibe of UrbanSlat Natural, featuring a fluted wood design in inviting beige, white, and blonde tones with a matte finish. These large format tiles showcase a captivating 3D fluted effect and minimal grout lines, ensuring an updated look that's ideal for stylish floor-to-ceiling accent walls or elegant shower installations. The fluted craze is all over the design world in cabinet hardware, wood details and now you can install an indestructible porcelain fluted wall that oozes with style!



Enter a Sunlit Serenity with creamy cafe hues of Coastal Cottage Luxury Vinyl Planks from the Laurel Collection. From the entryway, living room, and beyond these planks offer light-toned wood looks with natural knots and grains that bring a breath of fresh air into any space. Adding gold trim accents, lush plants, and open windowpanes, allow the sun to shine in for an awakening ambiance.

Create serene surfaces using the materials below:

Flooring: Coastal Cottage Luxury Vinyl Planks



Large living room areas are a great place for gathering friends and loved ones around the fireplace no matter the season. Whether it's a cold winter night or brisk spring day, large windows open the room creating a sunny atmosphere. Neutral shades found in Brighton Gold marble-look porcelain tile, white-washed wood furniture, and cream-colored textiles create a feeling of calmness for everyone to enjoy. A feeling of serenity at its finest!

Create serene surfaces using the materials below:

Flooring: Brighton Gold



Create a sense of charm with a Stella Biscotti Subway tile backsplash in kitchen areas for a contemporary, yet cozy vibe. Installing the tiles in a vertically stacked pattern offers a new take on an old classic. Whether you’re making a cup of coffee and breakfast before heading to work or baking cookies with the little ones, an expansive kitchen provides an openness for all to gather. As the main area of any home, it’s essential to boast a bright and airy atmosphere where all feel welcome. Enhance the appeal with quartz waterfall islands, blonde-toned wood flooring and cabinetry adorned with live greenery for the ultimate fresh space.

Create serene surfaces using the materials below:

Backsplash & Wall Tile: Stella Biscotti Subway Tile*

*Designer Tip: Mix things up by stacking these tiles vertically



A pristine White Matte Stack Pattern Tile backsplash complemented by a white countertop and vessel sink is perfect for brightening any bathroom. Whether it be the guest bath downstairs or the master bath upstairs, white surfaces bring a freshness to a serene atmosphere. Gold accents and blonde wood bring a radiant allure reminiscent of a summery day, no matter what season it is.

Create serene surfaces using the materials below:

Backsplash & Wall Tile: White Matte Stack Pattern Tile


With an early spring this year, it’s time to open windows and doors to let the light shine in. Create an airy retreat with Travertino Porcelain Tile indoors and matching Travertino Pavers outside for a sense of openness throughout the property. Invite guests to gather in the atrium and on the patio for an evening of great conversations, good laughs and love all around. Capture a Sunlit Serenity with enchanting floors, comfy couches, beaming skylights and a feeling of love in the air.

Create serene surfaces using the materials below:

Flooring: Travertino Porcelain Tile

Hardscaping: Travertino Pavers

To witness this trend in its full realm, check out the video below. If you find yourself drawn to Sunlit Serenity, incorporate it into your upcoming construction or remodeling endeavor. Be sure to showcase its brilliance and tag us on Instagram - #msisurfaces

screen-shot-2024-03-28-at-7.40.39-amWatch the trend come to life!

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