The Best Care Tips For Marble Tile Flooring

February 18, 2019


Using timeless marble tile for your flooring is an easy way to showcase your sophisticated style. The elegant natural stone comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and finishes for the perfect statement in any room. 

But, just like with other premium products, the luxurious stone does require specific care to look its absolute best. Although marble is referred to as a softer stone, it really is more resilient than many believe. Regular maintenance, especially when done the right way, helps to preserve its integrity and extend the life of your natural stone floors. Follow these tips for how to care for your marble flooring

crema-marfil-marbleFeatured: Crema Marfil

Dust Mop Your Marble 

Getting rid of the grit, dirt, and dust on your floors at least weekly is key to protecting your marble tile. You will want to use a dust mop with a fluffy head made of microfiber or twisted cotton yarn instead of a flat sweeper with chemical-laden, refillable pads. The soft, individual fibers will trap the dirt without grinding it into the marble’s surface as you move around the room. To avoid scratches caused by old bits, make sure to also clean your mop head after each cleaning. And, never use an upright vacuum on your precious natural stone, as the various plastic and metal components can cause damage. 

Cover Marble with Rugs 

While you might want to show off every inch of your marvelous marble, it is a good idea to cover some of your stone with rugs or mats. This is especially helpful in entryways and other high traffic areas because it serves as an added layer for protecting your marble from scratches caused by rocks and rubble. As a great tip for keeping marble clean around guests, everyone can wipe their feet before entering your home or when coming in from the backyard. While not all marble floors feature a shiny finish, it is best to use non-slip backings or pads for rugs in houses with polished tile. 

Blot Marble Spills Fast 

Spills are bound to happen, so if it does, don’t stress! Make sure to carefully blot up the spill with a paper towel instead of trying to wipe it dry, as this will spread the liquid to more areas of the marble. Then, clean the area with gentle dish soap and some water. Finally, dry the tile well to help prevent stains. 

Of course, there are additional tips for specific rooms or specific types of marble finishes. For instance, high traffic areas like hallways and foyers will need to be cleaned more often. Using carpet under dining tables will help catch food-related spills instead of subjecting your marble floors to many potential stains. Honed marble does a better job at hiding grime and water spots, which can be great for the bathroom, but the more porous stone may be more susceptible to stains from absorbing liquids. But, if you put these general and specific care tips to practice, your marble floor just might last for the next generation.