Mosaic Monday: Splitface Stone Wall Tiles In Touchable Textures

April 25, 2016


Splitface stone wall tiles are easy to love. Their unique surface adds a rustic texture and warmth to any space. Each stone is forged in nature, so every tile is uniquely stunning. Splitface stone mosaics also pair handsomely with other hot design trends, like the weathered beauty of reclaimed wood. Best of all, splitface stone wall tiles are easy to install—no grout needed. That means a consistent application and a clean look. For interior applications, all you need is a thin-set mortar. For exterior applications, use a flexible latex mortar.

Bring a touch of natural stone into your home with the rustic beauty of splitface stone. Choose from MSI’s selection of gorgeous marble splitface mosaics. 

Arabescato Carrara Splitface 

arabescato-carraraFeatured: Arabescato Carrara Splitface

Add instant intrigue to a pure-white palette with a touch of textured stone. With the soft white, gray, and gold tones of Arabescato Carrara Marble, kitchens and baths take on new depth. This modern twist on classic marble captivates traditional and contemporary decorators alike. Create entrancing accent walls, bathtub surrounds, and backsplashes with this elegant natural stone. 

Tundra Gray Splitface Interlocking 

tundra-gray-splitfaceFeatured: Tundra Gray Splitface Interlocking  

Warm up your home with the inherent gray-and-white veins and soft swirls of natural marble. Tundra Gray Splitface Interlocking adds instant warmth to fireplace surrounds, backsplashes, and other interior features. With a touch of textured stone, hearths appear warmer, and kitchens feel more welcoming. With the rustic elegance of splitface marble, your house becomes a home. 

Emperador Splitface Interlocking 

Featured: Emperador Splitface Interlocking

Like the russet soil of a timeworn mountain pass, Emperador Splitface Interlocking is naturally earthy. For a naturally alluring look, light veins transect through a background of rich browns. Create a down-to-earth feel with this marble splitface stone in warm shades of brown and taupe. In bathrooms and kitchens, this lovely natural stone pairs beautifully with mossy green, taupe, and light brown. Add a touch of nature to interior and exterior design projects, from landscaping features to backsplashes and accent walls. 

White Oak Splitface Stacked Stone 

white-oak-splitfacFeatured: White Oak Splitface

Like the statues from days of old, White Oak Splitface Stacked Stone is chiseled from fine marble. Soft, off-white tones add an understated sophistication that’s always stylish and never brash. Add refined elegance to your décor, from the outside in. Exterior cladding, support beams, and retaining walls take on new depths of style with stacked stone. Accents walls, backsplashes, and shower surrounds come alive with the rustic magnetism of White Oak Splitface Stacked Stone. 

White Quarry Splitface Interlocking 

white-quarry-splitfaceFeatured: White Quarry Splitface

Like Arabescato Carrara Marble, White Quarry Splitface Interlocking is offset in various depths. In this honed splitface, natural veins, swirls, and flecks steal the show. These marble mosaic hatches embody a soft sophistication that suits a range of design accompaniments and coordinating products. With White Quarry Splitface, accent walls take center stage in your home. 

Decorate how nature intended: with the rustic beauty of stone. MSI’s marble splitface mosaics are a perfect marriage of all that’s classic and contemporary. Add instant warmth to your home with a splitface mosaic of your own.