The Ultimate Guide To Outdoor Porcelain Pavers

February 23, 2024


In the outdoor design world, hardscaping options are plentiful. From concrete to wood, the materials are numerous, each with its own unique perks. Yet, among the choices, one stands out: porcelain pavers.

Porcelain pavers have emerged as a popular pick for outdoor applications in residential and commercial settings, offering many desirable characteristics that perfectly suit the challenges the outdoors present. From non-slip surfaces to remarkable UV, stain, and freeze-thaw resistance, this material will withstand the elements and maintain pristine beauty for years.

Furthermore, these pavers offer easy maintenance and cleaning, strong warranty coverage, and eco-friendliness, a well-rounded investment for elevating your outdoor oasis. From sweeping pool decks complemented by creamy accents and rippling blue water to cozy lounges perfect for relaxation, this tile meshes seamlessly with it all.

Understanding the Characteristics of Porcelain Pavers

Every outdoor hardscaping option has unique characteristics that set it apart, and porcelain pavers are no different. This material boasts impressive characteristics with helpful benefits, from its non-slip surface to its versatility.

Non-Slip Surface

petra-beige-arterra-paversPetra Beige Arterra® Pavers

When crafting the perfect outdoor paradise, particularly those with water features, it’s important to consider the slip factor. While some outdoor materials can become slippery with exposure to water or moisture, making them less than ideal for pool decks and other high-moisture spaces, the opposite is true for porcelain pavers.

These tiles offer solid traction, minimizing slips and falls even when wet. For example, our Arterra® Premium Porcelain Pavers boast proprietary ZeroSlip technology that offers remarkable slip resistance on dry and wet floors, an excellent fit for outdoor spaces.

Remarkable UV, Stain, and Freeze-Thaw Resistance

Wave goodbye to unsightly stains, faded colors, and damage due to temperature fluctuations when you choose our Arterra® porcelain pavers. This material offers impressive resistance against sun rays, ensuring your tiles remain beautiful and vibrant for years.

Furthermore, it holds up well against freeze-thaw cycles, whether on a concrete slab or grass. Porcelain is non-porous, so moisture cannot seep in and freeze, minimizing damage due to temperature fluctuations.

This non-porous nature also lends well to accidental spills, so colorful liquids slide off without causing deep-set stains.

Lasting Durability

praia-carrara-arterra-paversPraia Carrara Arterra® Pavers

Porcelain pavers withstand time, offering remarkable durability that resists nature’s fury. From the non-porous surface that prevents water damage and staining to the ultra-dense surface that resists mold and moss growth, this material is built to last.

With proper care and maintenance, porcelain can last decades, even in high-traffic areas. So, whether you want to use them in your quiet backyard refuge or a bustling pool deck, this option is a lasting investment.

Easy Breezy Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintaining backyard spaces can be a nuisance, especially with the finicky outdoor elements. With porcelain tiles, you needn’t worry about demanding maintenance or cleaning schedules.

Since porcelain doesn’t absorb dirt or spills, cleaning and maintenance are minimal. And with Arterra® Porcelain Pavers, it’s as simple as wiping up spills with regular cleaning products as they occur. This material isn’t as sensitive to chemicals as natural stone pavers, making for easy cleanup. Most spills and stains are easily removable with a garden hose.

Strong Warranty Coverage

terrazo-glacier-arterra-paversTerrazo Glacier Arterra® Pavers

While porcelain is known for its durability and longevity, it doesn’t hurt to have a strong warranty to back up your investment. Warranties vary from one product and seller to the next, but when you choose our Arterra® Porcelain Pavers, you get the peace of mind a lifetime warranty offers.

This lifetime warranty applies to residential applications, protecting against stains, mold, mildew, fading, and discoloration. Commercial applications receive an impressive 10-year warranty.

Engineered for Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly and sustainable option, these pavers are an excellent fit. At MSI, we’re proud to be Green Building Counsel and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified, a certification designed to establish a foundation for ultra-efficient, healthy, and cost-effective green options.

Our Arterra® Premium Porcelain Pavers boast FloorScore and GreenGuard Gold certifications, which recognize indoor air quality requirements by ensuring products bearing the labels meet strict criteria for various elements, such as formaldehyde.  

Versatile Beauty

fauna-arterra-paversFauna Arterra® Pavers with Coordinating Fauna Luxury Vinyl Planks

The design possibilities and application opportunities are endless with porcelain pavers. From enchanting sprawling courtyards to pool decks that set the stage for hours of fun, these paving slabs work in many applications.

There are various shapes, sizes, and colors, including the appearance of natural stone, wood, and concrete. Whether you want to create an ultra-modern space with sleek black accents or a cozy sanctuary teeming with warm wood tones and soothing neutrals, these tiles can do it all.

Are you aware that you can enhance both your indoor and outdoor areas by using complementary pavers and tiles? At MSI, we offer a variety of coordinated collections of indoor and outdoor pavers and luxury vinyl planks, enabling you to design a living space that effortlessly connects the interior and exterior, resulting in a unified and visually appealing look.

Elevate Your Outdoor Oasis With Porcelain Pavers

When creating the foundation for your backyard haven, porcelain pavers are hard to pass up. Between lasting durability, straightforward maintenance, and timeless beauty, these pavers are an excellent fit for nearly any outdoor space, whether you want to create a crisp, contemporary space or a laid-back, cozy ambiance.

If you’re ready to transform your outdoor spaces with porcelain pavers, our experts are here to help! Chat with us online, contact an authorized MSI retailer, or visit a local MSI showroom to see all that we have to offer.


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