Top Rated White Quartz Countertops For 2023

January 11, 2023


There's nothing quite like the pristine splendor of white quartz countertops to transform your kitchen into a bright and welcoming gathering spot or give your spa-like primary bath that extra dose of serenity.

Often designed to look like natural stone, white quartz can even capture the luminescent quality of marble, ensuring an outcome you'll love, especially when paired with the many practical benefits of this counter surface.

With a range of stunning MSI quartz countertops colors and patterns, you may feel a little lost when selecting the best design to add beauty and luxury to your home. To help you narrow your search, here are some of the most popular white quartz countertops for your consideration.

Calacatta Azai

msi-calacatta-azai-quartz-kitchen-marble-look-countertop-in-urban-loft-july-2022-minCalacatta Azai Quartz

When you want stunning, statement style without going overboard, dynamic Calacatta Azai quartz is a great option. The icy, white background and ropy, translucent gray veining are tailor-made for a cooler color scheme, and the pattern, while bold, isn't overbearing.

Suitable for classic and contemporary kitchen design, this counter material pairs well with dark cabinets for a traditional black-and-white motif. Alternately, it also works well with modern gray tones or a stunning, saturated navy or magenta.

Calacatta Abezzo

msi-calacatta-abezzo-quartz-kitchen-in-high-rise-loft-sept-2022-minCalacatta Abezzo Quartz

Regarding white quartz options for the counter surfaces in your home, marble-look quartz takes the cake with bright or soft white backgrounds complemented by veining in warm and cool neutrals. Classic Calacatta elegance is on full display with Calacatta Abezzo quartz.

This lovely design features the best of Calacatta quartz colors, with a wash of milky white brushed by streaks of pale, translucent gray and broken up by striking yet delicate veins in warm, earthy gray tones. It pairs beautifully with blonde wood to create a balance of warm and cool.

Calacatta Izaro

msi-calacatta-izaro-quartz-waterfall-modern-kitchen-counter-oct-2022-minCalacatta Izaro Quartz

If you're looking for the serene expression of a snowy, watercolor landscape painting for a countertop for bathroom or kitchen spaces, you'll find exactly that with Calacatta Izaro quartz.

This calming design is creamy white with extensive veining in pale, translucent gray and gold running across the surface like rivulets of water, with outlines in striking graphite and espresso.

While the beauty of this design is incomparable, the best thing about engineered quartz is how strong, durable, and resilient it is. Not only is the non-porous construction incredibly resistant to damage like staining, but it offers a food-safe surface for meal prep and a healthy home environment.

Calacatta Miraggio

msi-calacatta-miraggio-bevel-edge-quartz-counter-with-natural-tone-subway-backsplash-sept-2022-minCalacatta Miraggio Quartz

Delicate, crisscrossed, crackled veining in gray mark the warm, white background of Calacatta Miraggio quartz. This alluring countertop material adds just the right amount of pattern and personality to spaces where your design aesthetic is soothing and serene.

This quartz adds subtle star quality to the tonal design when paired with white cabinets. However, it's equally gorgeous next to ashy or taupe wood tones and flat gray cabinets. To elevate the neutral tones in the stone, consider warm, gold metallic accents for hardware and fixtures.

Calacatta Miraggio Duo

msi-calacatta-miraggio-duo-quartz-with-double-islands-nov-2022-minCalacatta Miraggio Duo Quartz

Delicate, crisscrossed, crackled veining in gray, with hints of gold, mark the warm, white background of Calacatta Miraggio Duo quartz. This alluring countertop material adds just the right amount of pattern and personality to spaces where your design aesthetic is soothing and serene.

This quartz adds subtle star quality to the tonal design when paired with white cabinets. However, it's equally gorgeous next to ashy or taupey wood tones and flat gray cabinets. To draw on golden highlights in the stone, consider warm, gold metallic accents for hardware and fixtures.

Calacatta Miraggio Gold

msi-miraggio-gold-quartz-oversized-counter-sept-2022-minCalacatta Miraggio Gold Quartz

Luxury is often a matter of refinement, and this is apparent in Calacatta Miraggio Gold quartz, where soft, sparse veining in golden brown streaks across a crisp, white surface in long, elegant striations. If you're looking for natural quartz countertops that blend in from a distance but offer stunning detail on closer inspection, this is the design for you.

When it comes to a minimalist style, interior designers may naturally take a "less is more" approach, but this can be somewhat boring and bland. For luxury appeal, a quartz countertop with eye-catching luminosity and a modicum of visual texture is ideal.

Calacatta Goa

msi-calacatta-goa-quartz-counter-with-dark-wood-cabinets-may-2022Calacatta Goa Quartz

White surfaces can have a cold feeling about them when you choose the wrong one. If you love white quartz's clean, fresh appeal but want to create a warm and welcoming interior, consider including Calacatta Goa quartz as part of your modern design.

With a warm, white background and thick veining in subtle, translucent, gray, and russet tones, this design offers elegance with a casual vibe. It's particularly notable when the counter is offset against rich, warm wood cabinets like maple, cherry, or walnut.

Calacatta Delios

msi-calacatta-delios-quartz-counter-with-marble-mosiac-backsplash-july-2021-minCalacatta Delios Quartz

If you want the versatility to switch between a warm or cool color palette, you're sure to love Calacatta Delios quartz, featuring a cool, white background interspersed with a stippling of delicate, broken veining in gold and bronze. The pattern, while understated, dances across the surface with lively energy.

The icy background will undoubtedly pair with cool neutrals and weathered wood, but the warmer accents can be drawn out with cabinetry in honeyed or espresso hues and hardware in gold, bronze, or rosy tones. This quartz is a perfect choice if you're interested in materials that work for your current kitchen remodel and allow for versatile modifications as color trends change.

Carrara Lumos

msi-carrara-lumos-quartz-countertop-with-delicate-veining-in-all-white-kitchen-july-2021-minCarrara Lumos Quartz

A calming design is best accomplished with a low variation pattern that offers soothing, organic appeal. Carrara Lumos quartz delivers on every score with a soft, white background dotted by barely-there wisps of veining in peaceful, dove gray.

Gentle and dreamy, this quartz is an ideal complement to cabinetry in white or gray, although you can turn up the drama with contrasting black cabinets. In fact, this counter surface is the perfect transition between dark lower and light upper cabinets. A polished finish adds shine, refinement, and visual interest to this soothing stone.

Calacatta Valentin

msi-calacatta-valentin-marble-look-quartz-countertopCalacatta Valentin Quartz

The crackle effect of gray and gold veining that breaks up the warm, white background of Calacatta Valentin quartz is breathtaking, and you won't believe the personality and style it adds to your modern kitchen.

While it pairs wonderfully with sleek, flat panel cabinets and minimal design, it can also complement traditional elements or even a bold, patterned backsplash.

Choose the Right Quartz with MSI

While selecting the perfect white quartz for your home remodel isn't always easy, you'll find endless variations to suit your particular style and taste with MSI. You can contact a qualified MSI agent 24/7 through our live chat feature or find an authorized MSI dealer near you to visit a showroom in person.