Creative Ways To Use Landscaping Pebbles

October 06, 2020


Utilized as versatile landscape accents, pebbles add beautiful color and texture to any garden or outdoor space. These essential mid-sized stones, which fall somewhere between small gravel and large landscaping rocks, not only serve as attractive design details but also functional purposes, too. With their varying shapes and colors, pebbles can create character in a design or bring about a natural appeal. Check out these 10 creative ways for how and where to use landscaping pebbles in your next outdoor project.

msi-niagara-yellow-pebbles-garden-minYellow Niagra Pebbles

1. Walkways and Pathways

One of the best ways to define a walkway or pathway is by surrounding stepping stones with pebbles. Instead of choosing a ton of tiny gravel, the more substantial pebbles create a greater sense of calm visually speaking thanks to its size. The Yellow Polished Pebbles add warmth to the contrasting gray stone walkways and patio area, and the soft yellows, whites, and gray veining in the polished marble stones match with the boho-inspired accent furniture. 

msi-yellow-polished-pebbles-patio-minYellow Polished Pebbles

2. Outdoor Living

If you don’t have the space or budget to create a defined patio, then turn to pebbles to create the groundwork for your outdoor living space. Adding some seating like benches, chairs, or loungers along with a side table or dining table will instantly expand the outdoors into a usable space everyone can enjoy throughout the year. Plus, it’s an excellent option for reducing water for those in drought-prone regions.

msi-rainbow-beach-edging-minRainbow Beach

3. Edging

Use pebbles as an edging material along garden beds, pathways, or around trees. This can define spaces, prevent soil erosion, and add a neat and polished look to your landscaping.

4. Water Features

Use pebbles around water features such as fountains, ponds, or waterfalls. They can enhance the visual appeal and provide a natural look to the water feature.

5. Mulch Replacement

Instead of traditional mulch, consider using pebbles as a ground cover around plants. This can help with weed control, retain moisture, and give a clean, modern look to your garden beds.

6. Rock Gardens

Create a rock garden by combining various sizes and colors of pebbles with different types of rocks and plants. This low-maintenance option adds texture and interest to your landscape.

7. Terrariums and Succulent Gardens

Fill terrariums or succulent gardens with a layer of pebbles for drainage and as a decorative element. This not only serves a functional purpose but also enhances the visual appeal of the arrangement.

msi-black-polished-pebbles-hardscaping-minBlack Polished Pebbles

8. Outdoor Furniture Accents

Decorate outdoor furniture arrangements with pebbles. This can be done by placing them around the base of tables or incorporating them into mosaic designs on tabletops.

9. Creative Plant Markers

Paint or label pebbles to use as unique plant markers in your garden. This adds a personal touch and helps you keep track of different plant varieties.

10. Zen Gardens

Create a tranquil and meditative space by incorporating pebbles into a Zen garden. Arrange them in raked patterns or around carefully placed elements like sand or rocks to create a calming atmosphere.

See below for more ways you can incorporate pebbles with the rest of your hardscape design.

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