Creative Ways To Use Landscaping Pebbles

October 06, 2020

creative ways to use pebbles in landscape

Utilized as versatile landscape accents, pebbles add beautiful color and texture to any garden or outdoor space. These essential mid-sized stones, which fall somewhere between small gravel and large landscaping rocks, not only serve as attractive design details but also functional purposes, too. With their varying shapes and colors, pebbles can create character in a design or bring about a natural appeal. Check out these 10 creative ways for how and where to use landscaping pebbles in your next outdoor project.

walkway and patio with pebble surround

1. Walkways and Pathways

One of the best ways to define a walkway or pathway is by surrounding stepping stones with pebbles. Instead of choosing a ton of tiny gravel, the more substantial pebbles create a greater sense of calm visually speaking thanks to its size. The Yellow Polished Pebbles add warmth to the contrasting gray stone walkways and patio area, and the soft yellows, whites, and gray veining in the polished marble stones match with the boho-inspired accent furniture. 

2. Outdoor Living

If you don’t have the space or budget to create a defined patio, then turn to pebbles to create the groundwork for your outdoor living space. Adding some seating like benches, chairs, or loungers along with a side table or dining table will instantly expand the outdoors into a usable space everyone can enjoy throughout the year. Plus, it’s an excellent option for reducing water for those in drought-prone regions.

See below for more ways you can incorporate pebbles with the rest of your hardscape design.

Pebbles and Cobbles from msisurfaces on Vimeo.

3. Drainage

When you have areas that require water drainage, you can beautify your drains and grates using pebbles. These stones won’t have any affect on the water flow or drainage capabilities, and they’ll add striking texture to the space. For instance, with water fountains or features, you can surround them with beautiful pebbles like these White Polished Pebbles. The soft white and cream marble stones transform this grand water feature into an even bigger focal point.

4. Garden Covering

Pebbles used in gardens as protective coverings not only look lovely, but they also serve a very important purpose. The garden rock mulch helps protect the soil beneath it from things like sunlight, erosion, and bugs. They also minimize the growth of weeds, too. Plus, unlike wood chip and bark mulch that will decompose over time, pebbles will last forever since they won’t break down! It’s a wonderful way to create a beautiful garden using 100% hardscaping. You can choose the same color for your garden covering to match walkways or other larger stones for a monochromatic look. Or, like in this garden setting, pick a contrasting color like these Gray Island Beach Pebbles. The grays in these quartzite stones from India add a cool touch to the warmer surrounding shades.

tree base covering with ebony pebbles

5. Tree Base Covering

Adding pebbles to the base of your trees can make them emerge as a main landscaping headliner instead of hiding in the background. While they can be used simply for decorative purposes, pebbles can also help to even out the dirt around the tree. This one is clearly taking center stage with its generous surrounding of Black Polished Pebbles, and the dark charcoal quartzite stones stand out against the vibrant green grass.

edge covering with pebbles for hardscape garden

6. Ground Covering

From uneven corners and open edges to unkempt lawns and eroding pathways, pebbles are a great way to evenly cover the ground and also add a little color. These Red Polished Pebbles are reminiscent of those you’d find along the beach with their rich reds, grays, and golds. The polished, soft-edged quartzite stones create a vibrant accent design along the rest of the hardscaping.

7. Landscape Art

Transform your backyard or front yard into a magical landscape by creating patterns and shapes out of pebbles. Turn your lawn into a checkerboard, a mini-maze, or outline it to emphasize the shape. You can also ask the kiddos to help form shapes like flowers and footprints for a fun design everyone will enjoy!

outdoor water feature with pebble path

8. Underwater Landscape

Create an underwater landscape, otherwise known as aquascaping, by incorporating plants, pebbles, river rock, and even driftwood. With the addition of pebbles, you can use various sizes to make up hills or boulders within your underwater world. Or, like in this lush landscape, you can simply use it to line the bottom of your koi pond. The darker pebbles underwater contrast with the lighter Mixed Polished Pebbles above ground, and the neutral gray, tan, and cream tones are a beautiful mixture of natural marble in various sizes that highlight the lively greenery.

garden draining hardscape for conservation

9. Zen Pebble Garden

Complete your Zen garden by incorporating raked pebbles into the landscape design that may be filled with moss islands, a few boulders, some pruned bushes and trees, and a water feature. If you want to keep it looking pristine, then add a raised terrace to protect it from both kids and pets. Keep things monochrome or highlight areas using brighter hues like these Himalaya White Pebbles. The white and beige marble stones imported from India break up this calm, neutral landscape.

10. Potted Plants

Landscaping pebbles are a fantastic way to finish off your potted plants and jars. Adding these decorative, natural materials to your pots not only covers up the soil so that pets won’t dig in them and make a complete mess, but they also add color and texture for a polished look. And if you utilized one or more of these pebble perfections, then it’s another way to make your outdoors feel more cohesive.

From decorative to functional, pebbles can be incorporated into your landscape design in so many ways. Since they come in a diverse range of colors, shapes, and sizes, pebbles will complement any outdoor style. They can add a pop of pizazz or blend into the background as well as be key features of a water feature or drainage solution. We think you’ll be inspired by one of these 10 creative landscape ideas for your front yards, backyards, gardens, and patios. For more information on how you can add elegance to your outdoor landscape, check out MSI’s pebbles video.