Hotel Countertops: Reception Countertops And Hotel Bathroom Vanities

September 25, 2020


Whether it’s for work or play, hotel guests want to be whisked away to a beautiful, relaxing place where they can escape their ordinary routines. They can instantly get a sense for the style and overall hotel vibe by interacting with the building materials chosen. For a hospitality environment, luxury and durability are two fundamental factors required for areas like reception countertops, where guests get an all-important first impression, and a hotel bathroom vanity that sees a lot more up-close, personal use.

The reception area, which receives a lot of foot traffic, should be a space that both welcomes and wows guests! The countertop is the first place where a tactile engagement and face-to-face encounter occurs between the guests and the hotel staff. For this reason, it’s important to pay close attention to the materials chosen so that it sparks a sense of positive hospitality and also excites them for what’s to come next, like a beautiful bathroom. By adding stunning hotel bathroom countertops, you’ll be able to delight guests by providing luxurious, upscale materials in the bathrooms that are made to last and absolutely lovely to use. 

Whether you desire to mimic marble with a durable material or exude the utmost elegance with natural stone, you’ll be inspired by these beautiful surfaces for commercial applications that amplify and deliver design and function. 

Carrara White Marble

white_marble reception countertop at a hotel

An iconic, luxurious Italian stone, Carrara White Marble features cool whites and gray tones with low variations and short veins. These countertops are available in honed, matte, or polished finishes to help you achieve the exact look for your hotel. This reception space features a spectacular dual-layered countertop with a waterfall edge. The sleek lines and light tones of the lux marble countertop pop against the striking wood desk but also blend in beautifully with the marble-look floors and textured natural stone wall. Another space some guests may be spending a lot of their lounging time in is at the hotel bar. The Carrara White marble makes for a fashionable countertop in this contemporary outdoor dining area.

Mystic Gray Quartz

A durable, elegant, and maintenance-free material, Mystic Gray Quartz comes with a mid-tone gray with low variations and subtle speckles for added dimension. It’s offered in a polished finish for a super chic, modern counter. This intriguing reception area blends multiple patterns with shiny surfaces for a modern-glam impression. While there are several materials used for the reception desk, the gray quartz unifies the natural wood grain with the vertical striped wallpaper and the abstract, nature-inspired feature wall. The color and sheen of the quartz is reflected again in the dazzling chandelier above it. 

Sparkling White Quartz

white vanity top prefab quartz countertop

With its grace and allure, Sparkling White Quartz features a cool-white wintery backdrop with icy speckles for a bit of glamour. The modern countertop comes in low variations and a polished finish, while the low maintenance required makes for an ideal countertop choice. The premium quartz surface and backsplash beautifully contrasts against the dark wood hotel vanity in this contemporary bathroom. 

Snow White Quartz


A timeless classic, Snow White Quartz is a solid white color that will complement traditional to modern designs. The classic countertop comes in low variations as well as a polished finish for an impeccable look. But, don’t let the pure-white countertop scare you because the durable quartz resists stains and will continue to look like new for many years. Installing this bright neutral in your bathrooms will give them a clean, simple style that will stand the test of time.

Statuarietto Bianco Porcelain

lobby reception marble look counter

With its realistic marble look, Statuarietto Bianco Porcelain is a prefabricated countertop that originated from Indonesia. The cool white background with striking gray veining is a low-maintenance lookalike that will hold up better than marble. It’s available in a matte or polished finish for a more natural or glamorous tone. This reception area makes quite the statement with its mixture of materials and styles, from the wood desks topped with the porcelain countertop to the blue rug popping against the concrete hotel flooring to the intriguing lighting to the exposed piping. It’s like a mash up of bohemian meets modern meets industrial. 

While we know that there are many superb surfaces to choose from in today’s market, we think you’ll be able to create the elegant, modern, or rustic environments your hotel needs and your guests deserve using one of these remarkable countertop materials. Whether you opt for low-maintenance quartz or pick a well-loved natural stone, your reception spaces and hotel bathrooms are sure to leave a lasting impression. Plus, with the proper care, they will look stunning for many years to come, and that longevity and durability is something every hotel needs to keep everything in pristine shape.


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