Artificial Grass Installation, Maintenance, And Cost Vs. Natural Grass

September 12, 2023


The age-old debate between artificial and natural grass has always had its proponents on both sides. While some sing praises of the tactile feel and natural charm of real grass, a growing number of modern homeowners and businesses are leaning towards the undeniable benefits of artificial turf. Here, we aim to shed light on why artificial grass might just be the superior choice for many, based on installation, maintenance, and cost considerations.

At MSI, we currently offer four different Evergrass™ artificial grass options, allowing you to select the one that aligns most closely with your preferences. Additionally, we provide the essential accessories for a proficient setup, including landscape sand, staples, inseam tape, and other essentials.

Installation Overview

Artificial Grass: The process of installing artificial grass is both streamlined and efficient. It's paramount to lay a solid foundation, but once the turf is in place, the change is instant. Unlike seeding, there's no waiting period, and you won't encounter issues of inconsistent growth or barren spots. 

emerald-green-turf-76-for-landscapingEvergrass™ Emerald Green Turf 76

Our Evergrass™ Emerald Green Turf 76 is a step above natural grass. With its BioLuxe Technology, it maintains a lush look year-round without constant watering. It's not only visually appealing but also comfortable to tread on, thanks to its UV resistance ensuring lasting vibrancy. Its antimicrobial nature ensures safety for kids and pets, while its drainage design prevents muddiness. The M Blade shape adds to its genuine look. Emerald Green Turf 76 key specifications include a 1.57" (40MM) pile height, 50 oz./sq yard face weight, and an overall weight of 76 oz.

Natural Grass: While natural grass does offer the excitement of watching your lawn come to life, it can be quite unpredictable. Whether you're seeding or sodding, the process of lawn installation can be labor-intensive, and the results aren’t guaranteed. There’s the constant worry of seeds being washed away, birds feeding on them, or the sod not taking root properly, not to mention the additional expenses and effort in setting up irrigation systems.

Maintenance Overview

Artificial Grass: One of the standout features of artificial grass is its low-maintenance nature. Visualize a lawn free from the hassles of weekly mowing, watering, or fertilizer application. Typically, a straightforward rinse is enough to refresh its appearance, while infrequent deep cleaning extends its life. High-traffic zones might necessitate a bit more attention, but the maintenance required is a fraction of what natural lawns need. 

viridian-turf-91-with-flower-bedEvergrass™ Viridian Turf 91

Our Evergrass™ Viridian Turf 91 provides a hassle-free evergreen solution. Using BioLuxe Worry-Proof Technology, it ensures a vibrant, maintenance-free lawn all year without watering or chemicals. Its UV-resistant design retains a lush green hue, and its antimicrobial properties ensure safety for kids and pets. Its unique W Blade shape reflects light for a true grass appearance, and the smart drainage system eliminates muddiness. Evergrass™ comes with a lifetime limited residential and 10-year commercial warranty. Viridian Turf 91 key specifications include 1.75" (45MM) pile height, 65 oz./sq yard face weight, and 91 oz. total weight.

Natural Grass: Natural lawns can be a handful. Regular mowing, which often means weekly attention during growth spurts, constant watering in drier climates, and routine treatments to combat pests are just the tip of the iceberg. Plus, activities like aeration and overseeding are necessary to keep the lawn thriving, all of which demand time, effort, and money.

Cost Considerations

Artificial Grass: The initial investment for artificial grass can vary in cost, depending on the quality of the turf and the groundwork required. But think of it as a long-term investment that pays off by slashing recurring maintenance expenses. There's no need for regular water bills, lawn treatments, or equipment maintenance, making the ROI quite compelling in the long run. Opting for a synthetic substitute for natural grass offers long-lasting value and durability. Experience the beauty of a consistently green and attractive lawn without the need for upkeep. 

emerald-green-turf-110Evergrass™ Emerald Green Turf 110 

Our Evergrass™ Emerald Green Turf 110 offers a vibrant, year-round lawn for both homes and businesses. Harnessing BioLuxe Worry-Proof Technology, this turf maintains a green appearance without watering and is free from pesticides and chemicals. It's durable even in high-traffic areas, thanks to UV resistance, and is safe for kids and pets due to its antimicrobial properties. The unique drainage design wards off mud, and the M Blade shape gives a true-to-nature look. Enjoy the assurance of a lifetime limited residential and 10-year commercial warranty. Emerald Green Turf 110 specifications include 1.75" (45MM) pile height, 84 oz./sq yard face weight, and 110 oz. total weight.

Natural Grass: While natural grass might initially seem economical, the ongoing expenses can mount swiftly. Regular maintenance is not just about the time you invest; it encompasses water bills, fertilizers, equipment, and the sporadic need to reseed or resod certain sections of the lawn. Over a prolonged period, these continual outlays can render natural grass pricier than anticipated.

Is Artificial Grass Right for You?

Choosing artificial grass isn't merely about preferring its aesthetics or the feel underfoot. It's a practical decision, driven by the desire for a consistently beautiful lawn without the constant upkeep. For those seeking simplicity, longevity, and a one-time investment that pays off over time, artificial grass is a clear winner. So, as you weigh your options, think about what you want from your outdoor space both now and in the years to come.

At MSI, we're not just about providing products; we're about ensuring customer satisfaction every step of the way. Our Evergrass™ artificial grass options are designed to cater to diverse needs and aesthetics, and we take pride in providing the highest quality materials to ensure your installation is flawless and long-lasting. With our comprehensive product range and commitment to excellence, we strive to simplify your landscaping endeavors, making dreams a reality. 

Ready to get started? Chat with us online, visit a nearby MSI showroom, or contact a local MSI authorized retailer for more information.


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