5 Common Myths About Granite Countertops

January 06, 2020

granite countertop myths

Granite countertops have been the traditional and even conventional pick for kitchen countertops all across America. With other types of material now out there to use for a grounding center island or lining underneath your cabinets, it makes you wonder: Are there more disadvantages than advantages when it comes to this natural stone? 

Granite remains a prominent option for homeowners and for good reason—it’s reliable, stunning to look at and adds value to your kitchen and home. However, with anything related to home décor and renovation, there are bound to be myths and inaccuracies that plague people’s minds when weighing this important decision. We’re going to set out today to bust five common granite myths so that you can determine the best selection for your home. Myths are great for storytelling around the fireplace, but definitely not when designing the kitchen of your dreams! 

granite countertop kitchen islands

Myth #1: Granite Countertops are High Maintenance & Hard to Clean

Okay, this is such a common myth that we listed it as number one. In fact, you may hear many people opting for a surface like quartz in the usual quartz vs. granite countertop debate because “granite involves a heavy cleaning routine and quartz is so much easier to maintain.” Okay, let’s break this big myth down, shall we? 

While it may be true that granite can require a few other steps than just a simple wipe down, such additional precautions are often exaggerated and blown out of proportion. Truthfully, a simple wipe with warm water and soap can make your granite countertop as fresh as new, wiping away any leftover food or crumbs from an exciting dinner around the kitchen island. (There are special formulas you can purchase to clean granite, but many are unnecessary so long as you have a strong rag nearby!) 

Furthermore, sealing of granite is usually approached with fear and trepidation, something we’re anxious to dispel. Honestly, you only really need to reseal granite every 12 to 18 months, so keep in mind this isn’t an activity you’re doing once a week when you could be giving attention to another part of your home. In all honesty, sealing a granite countertop only takes a few minutes of your time with special sealant that you use so infrequently it will last a lifetime. Additionally, if you choose to polish your top tier granite countertop, keep in mind that it isn’t something you have to do every day—in fact, polishing is at your own discretion, depending on your preferences. Some people may apply a polish once a week because they like the look and feel of that “shine”, while others opt for once every few months. Regardless, polishing is optional for many granite countertop owners not at all a hassle! 

Myth #2: Granite is Totally Indestructible 

Whether you have a gorgeous white granite or black granite countertop artfully situated in your home or kitchen, you need to keep in mind this natural stone isn’t He-Man. Yes, most people are aware that granite can actually withstand high degrees of heat and are often resistant to stains, chemicals, and scratches—but damage can occur if you don’t take the proper precautious. 

While it’s difficult to stain, stains can occur—and unlike other myths that say you can’t remove stains from granite, you definitely can with the right materials. In terms of heat, it’s not a smart move to place a scalding hot pot directly onto your countertop. Yes, it can withstand heat, but it has been known to damage, depending on exactly how hot something is. (Natural fissures can occur from high heat.) Opt for trivets or thick pot holders to help you steer clear of heat and be attentive as to what chemicals you are placing on it, as you don’t want abrasive ones potentially causing it harm! 

Myth #3: Granite Countertops are Bacteria Havens 

I’m sure you’ve heard this myth before—often insinuating that granite isn’t suitable for food preparation. How ironic since it’s a staple of so many nearby countertops and kitchen islands, which is the center of home-bound culinary life! Yes, granite is porous, but remember—that’s why you seal it. By using sealant, which again, is only required every 12-18 months, you are preventing bacteria and other substances from slipping into those pores and fissures. Some granite owners even use antibacterial soap when giving their countertops daily wipe downs to ease their minds of unwelcome bacteria. At the end of the day, though, if you regularly and properly seal your granite countertop, you’re in the clear. 

Myth #4: Granite is Outrageously Expensive

While alternatives to granite, such as tile, will catch you at a lower price point, you want to look at this from a big picture perspective. For example, even though you may pay a little more for your granite upfront, will it not add intrinsic and inexplicable value to your home when it comes time to sell it? Granite prices have also dropped down over the years with more abundant quarries being such adequate suppliers. So think twice before you write off granite as putting you in the red! 

Myth #5: Granite & Marble Countertops Are Basically The Same

Okay, yes, both granite and marble are natural stones, but come on—really? Marble is quite different from its counterpart, as it is from a calicoes stone formed from oceanic deposits. Granite is an igneous rock found deep within the earth’s surface.  Some granite may mimic marble in terms of texture and veining, but keep these two separate in your mind as they are not one in the same. 

When making an informed decision about your kitchen countertops—considering the investment of time, money, and not to mention installation—you want to clear these granite myths out of your mind first. Maybe granite is the best pick for you and your home, maybe another premium surface better serves your purposes. Regardless, it’s good to have the way cleared with these myth-busting truths to arrive at your own conclusion! 

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