Perfect Symmetry: 7 Striking Kitchens With A Matching Quartz Countertop And Backsplash 

August 25, 2023


When crafting the perfect kitchen, nothing compares to the elegance and versatility of our Q Premium Natural™ Quartz countertops. These remarkable surfaces elevate your kitchen's aesthetics and functionality, especially with a matching quartz backsplash. In this blog, we delve into our collection of quartz countertops and their ability to redefine your living spaces.

The Beauty of Quartz and Its Role in Your Home

Quartz is a naturally occurring mineral composed of silicon and oxygen atoms, renowned for its exceptional hardness and durability. Engineered quartz countertops and backsplashes have become popular in kitchen design for their remarkable practicality and aesthetic appeal. They are created by combining quartz crystals with resins, resulting in a non-porous and stain-resistant material that requires minimal maintenance. Our collection of quartz countertops and backsplashes offers many quartz colors and patterns, capturing the beauty of natural stone while providing enhanced resistance to scratches, heat, and spills. This unique blend of elegance and functionality makes quartz a highly sought-after choice for modern kitchens.

As a leading importer and distributor, we offer a remarkable collection of quartz countertops that embody luxury and sophistication. Paired with a matching backsplash, these countertops blend style and substance, turning your kitchen into a work of art.

What Is Q Premium Natural Quartz?

Our Q™ Quartz countertops add timeless beauty and enduring elegance for quartz countertops and backsplashes. Q Premium Natural Quartz countertops blend natural appeal with advanced engineering for a stunning fusion of style and performance. Available in over 100 quartz countertop colors and styles, each offering exceptional scratch, heat, and stain resistance, Q ensures its captivating aesthetics will continue to shine, even in the most demanding kitchen environments.

With a solid, non-porous composition, our Q™ Quartz is comprised of 99.9% pure natural quartz, offering unparalleled protection against stains, scorching, scratches, and chips. This durability, coupled with its low maintenance, eliminates the need for sealing or polishing. Its resilience extends to its imperviousness to bacteria and microorganisms, bolstered by certifications such as GREENGUARD, LEED, NSF, and KOSHER, contributing to safer and healthier spaces.

To learn more about the beauty and performance of quartz, view this short video:


Discovering the Stars of the Q Premium Natural Quartz Collection

MSI's range of backsplashes paired with countertops includes exquisite selections that cater to diverse preferences and design aesthetics. Let's explore a few of these captivating options for your kitchen backsplashes and countertops.

Calacatta Classique® calacatta-classique-quatz-countertop-and-matching-backsplash

A timeless choice that mirrors the opulence of natural Calacatta marble, Calacatta Classique® quartz boasts a white backdrop with delicate gray veining. Its luxurious appearance adds grandeur to any kitchen. This contemporary kitchen demonstrates the flow between the quartz countertop and backsplash, thanks to this quartz’s elegantly subtle pattern that keeps the design understated and neutral.

Calacatta Izarocalacatta-izaro

With its soft creamy canvas and gentle strokes of long brown and golden veining, Calacatta Izaro™ captures the essence of classic marble. It will create a sophisticated yet calming atmosphere in your culinary haven. The kitchen shown here is another example of how a nuanced pattern lends itself to a backsplash paired with a matching countertop.

Calacatta Leon® calacatta-leon-quatz-countertop-and-matching-backsplash

Calacatta Leon® quartz showcases a striking contrast between a creamy white foundation and bold gray veining for an authentic marble look. It adds a dramatic flair that's perfect for an eye-catching centerpiece. We love how in this kitchen, the backsplash stretches to the ceiling behind the wood-trimmed hood—another gorgeous example of quartz countertops and backsplash pairings that really work!

New Calacatta Laza™ calacatta-new-laza-quatz-countertop-and-matching-backsplash

Modern elegance meets timeless beauty in New Calacatta Laza™ quartz. Its serene white backdrop is adorned with intricate gray veining, creating a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation. The marble-like movement of the warm gray veining against a soft white background makes it particularly suitable for a backsplash paired with a countertop, as you can see in these sleek contemporary kitchen, it appears to dance on the walls!

Calacatta Valentin®calacatta-valentin-quatz-countertop-and-matching-backsplash

Calacatta Valentin® quartz exudes understated luxury, with its warm white two-toned background with subtle gold veins and a polished finish. It’s so realistic, it’s difficult to distinguish from genuine marble. It's an ideal choice for those who appreciate minimalist elegance, whether your style is boho-chic, modern farmhouse, traditional, coastal, or contemporary. In this kitchen, you can appreciate the flow between the countertop and the backsplash, with the kitchen backsplash resembling a piece of framed art.

Cashmere Tajcashmere-taj-quatz-countertop-and-matching-backsplash

Cashmere Taj™ quartz brings warmth and comfort to your kitchen. Its soft, creamy background and bronze and gold Carrara veining unite to replicate the look of authentic marble. In this modern kitchen, the countertop paired with the matching backsplash is ideal for the long expanse of the surface, creating a warm, soothing backdrop to the stronger tones in the space.

Blanca Arabescato®msi

Blanca Arabescato® quartz is a masterpiece that captures the authentic look of marble with a gentle gray backdrop and deep brown veining. Enhanced by our exclusive LumaLuxe® technology, this quartz elevates your space by redefining light interaction, adding luminosity and depth. In your modern kitchen, the unique formulation of LumaLuxe® mesmerizes with its radiance and amplifies the countertop's richness, making it the focal point that shines with a new dimension.

Bringing It All Together

Imagine a kitchen in which the countertop and backsplash are in perfect harmony, creating a visual symphony that captivates everyone who enters. With our Q Premium Natural™ Quartz countertops and our proprietary LumaLuxe® formulation, your vision becomes a stunning reality.

Closing Thoughts: Your Dream Kitchen Awaits

MSI Surfaces has mastered the art of blending beauty and functionality with our remarkable quartz countertop collection. The colors, patterns, and textures offer a canvas for homeowners and interior designers to create kitchen masterpieces that reflect their unique style, resulting in a kitchen that's visually stunning and highly functional.

If you’re ready to get started on your kitchen transformation, contact MSI today and let us help you turn your dreams into reality. Chat with us online, explore an MSI showroom near you, or find an authorized MSI retailer in your area. Your dream kitchen is just a step away. Let’s make it a reality together.  IS Q PREMIUM NATURAL QUART

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