The Best Porcelain Tile That Looks Like Birch Wood

October 30, 2018


Real birch wood floors have been making a comeback throughout interior design circles, and it’s easy to see why! After all, natural birch is strong and has an interesting grain that adds an earthy texture to any room. Unfortunately, real birch floors are just not recommended for damp areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries. The good news is that you can still get the look of birch wood—in easy-to-care-for porcelain tile flooring

Real birch naturally comes in a variety of colors, from natural pale beiges and yellows to more striking gold and red tones. Our porcelain flooring collections include five of the most popular birch wood looks in budget-friendly porcelain tile. Due to its durability and price point, porcelain has become one of the most popular tile flooring for the bathroom in recent years. Besides that, it comes in a wide range of colors, textures, dimensions, and patterns, so you’re sure to find a porcelain tile that suits your aesthetic perfectly. Ready to take a look?  Here are some of our most beautiful birch wood look porcelain tiles. 

Sometimes modern spaces can feel a tad austere or minimalistic. The best way to add some character is with an element that has a natural texture or pattern. If you are aiming for a modern look with a bit of warmth, our Aspenwood Amber wood look tile, with its dramatic natural graining, is perfect. Here, the porcelain tile is laid on both the floor and the wall. And, an interesting choice was made in the installation—the tile on the wall was laid perpendicular to the layout on the floor. The result is a room that looks expansive any way you look!

Featured: Aspenwood Amber Wood Look Tile

Going from dramatic to a more subtle, Scandinavian look, our Helena Birch wood look tile features a soothing natural warm beige palette, along with the distinctive birch wood grain we know and love. The look here is sophisticated and clean, yet timeless. In high-traffic areas, using high-quality porcelain tiles is smart—after all, they never need to be sanded or refinished, and they are easy to keep clean. As your style morphs through the years, wood look porcelain tiles remain timeless, just like natural hardwood floors. 

Featured: Helena Birch Wood Look Tile

Bathrooms can sometimes feel a bit cold in today’s contemporary designs. However, the addition of subtle texture through natural stone countertops and wood-look porcelain tile floors creates a dream-like bathroom that is charming and inviting. Here, this sun-soaked master bathroom partners white cabinetry and a bright white subway tile backsplash with our warm Aspenwood Ash wood look tile flooring. This porcelain tile has a distinctive pattern and falls more on the red side of the color wheel, adding a note of warmth to the palette. 

Featured: Aspenwood Ash Wood Look Tile

Modern bathrooms with freestanding bathtubs, wall-mounted vanities, and tone-on-tone color schemes need some texture and pattern to pull the look together. Here, our Havenwood Dove wood look tile was chosen. The authentic looking grain and knots provide a softening counterbalance to the clean, precise lines and angles. Porcelain tile is perfect for creating “wet room” type bathrooms, where there is a central drain in the floor, and no step up into a shower. 

Featured: Havenwood Dove Wood Look Tile

Porcelain tiles are great in areas with moisture, but they are also perfect for living spaces. They are a budget-friendly option in comparison to natural hardwood floors, and are much better equipped to withstand the daily grind of busy households with kids and pets. Here, the beautiful Aspenwood Artic wood look tile was chosen for this charming living space that opens right out onto the patio. For true indoor/outdoor living, we have a selection of hardscapingporcelain pavers that complement our wood-look porcelain tiles. In other words, you can add square footage to your living space by extending your living room into the backyard with gorgeous outdoor tile

Featured: Aspenwood Artic Wood Look Tile

The advent of modern inkjet printers has made it possible for the creation of realistic wood-look porcelain tiles and realistic natural stone-look tiles. They are a budget-friendly, durable, and beautiful. And remember that in design, wood looks and stone looks are true timeless neutrals that can stand the test of time as your personal design style changes. What are you waiting for?



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