Calculate Your Countertop Cost For 12 Popular Granite Colors

May 23, 2022


When it comes to countertops in kitchens, there are so many options from which to choose and factors to consider.

However, granite is a top pick for many homeowners for a variety of reasons. For one, granite can add a grounded sophistication that social areas like the kitchen really crave. Granite can also be very practical for countertops because they are the second hardest material known to mankind, just behind diamonds. That would come in handy considering the hustle and bustle of mealtime and get-togethers!

With sealant, granite is also heat and, stain and moisture resistant. Since a granite slab is formed by heat and pressure, with the proper yearly sealing, you can set hot plates and pans directly on it without worry about damage. Furthermore, granite adds value to a kitchen and can be a talking point when selling your home—if you’re ever to part ways with it!

Each piece of granite is unique and inherently valuable in its own way. In this article, we’re going to explore the myriad granite colors for your home. With so many styles and hues to consider, there may be a world of granite revealed you never thought existed. We hope this gives a sense of the variety of granite and the exciting design possibilities. 

With this in mind, here are the average costs, including installation, for 10 of our most popular granite countertop colors.

Silver Cloud Granite

Average Material/Installation Per Sq. Foot: $80-$100

msi-honed-silver-cloud-granite-waterfall-countertop-1-minSilver Cloud Granite

This design, Silver Cloud Granite, can entrance your eyes for days with its fog grey swirls through various shades of white. Its finely grained and sterling, suitable for countertops, floors, walls, even backsplashes! Silver Cloud Granite is sold at an average cost of $80-$100 per square foot.

White Ornamental Granite

Average Material/Installation Per Sq. Foot: $70-$90

msi-white-ornamental-granite-kitchen-counter-minWhite Ornamental Granite

While homeowners continue to have the granite vs. quartz debate—you can hardly resist White Ornamental Granite. At an affordable price of around $70-$90 per square foot, this design is a wonderful pick for bathrooms and kitchens. Its low variation whites spotted pattern is a great choice for interior or exterior projects.

Colonial White Granite

Average Material/Installation Per Sq. Foot: $80-$100

msi-colonial-white-granite-kitchen-countertop-minColonial White Granite

Colonial White Granite consists of a blend of cloudy silver and black speckles with hints of pale grey. It’s soothing to look at and would blend in with a variety of design aesthetics and colors. Colonial White Granite costs approximatley $80-$100 per square foot and a great pick for commercial and residential applications.

White Ice Granite

Average Material/Installation Per Sq. Foot: $90-$120

msi-white-ice-granite-kitchen-counter-with-white-cabinets-minWhite Ice Granite

White Ice Granite has an average cost of $90-$120 per square foot and is an intriguing blend of pale steel grey and bright white. Flecked with black and imported from Brazil, White Ice Granite is a remarkably modern choice for kitchen countertops.

Steel Grey Granite

Average Material/Installation Per Sq. Foot: $70-$90

msi-steel-grey-dark-granite-kitchen-counter-minSteel Grey Granite

Imported from India, Steel Grey Granite is available in the range of $70-$90 per square foot and is a low variation durable granite that’s darker than other previous options. Consisting of shades of grey and flecks of even lighter greys, this is an outstanding granite countertop pick if you’re wanting to go with something darker.

Valle Navedo Granite

Average Material/Installation Per Sq. Foot: $60-$90

msi-valle-nevada-granite-countertop-minValle Nevado Granite

Kitchen designers will love Valle Navedo Granite, priced near or around $60-$90 per square foot. This is a subtle selection with a white backdrop and specs of black that creates an elegant countertop for kitchen remodeling.

Black Pearl Granite

Average Material/Installation Per Sq. Foot: $70-$90

msi-black-pearl-granite-modern-kitchen-with-waterfall-countertop-minBlack Pearl Granite

Black Pearl Granite is a predominantly black granite with speckles of blacks, silvers, browns, greens, and even shades of gray. A stunning selection, Black Pearl Granite is usually priced somewhere around $70-$90 per square foot.

Azul Platino Granite

Average Material/Installation Per Sq. Foot: $60-$90

msi-azule-platino-granite-kitchen-counter-minAzul Platino Granite

Azul Platino Grey is a low variation white and gray granite that blends well with many interiors. Its speckled design is intriguing and will run approximately $60-$90 per square foot.

Azul Celeste Granite

Average Material/Installation Per Sq. Foot: $80-$120

msi-azul-celeste-granite-smokey-countertop-minAzul Celeste Granite

How stunning is Azul Celeste Granite? Its soothing threads of charcoal mixed together with dusty blues and silvers continues nearly infinitely to the human eye. Azul Celeste Granite is priced at approximately $80-120 per square foot.

SF Real Granite

Average Material/Installation Per Sq. Foot: $70-$90

msi-sf-real-granite-modern-kitchen-countertop-minS F Real Granite

SF Real Granite comes from Brazil and its black and grey veins contrast nicely with its fine porcelain white background. Perfect for countertops as it fits a multitude of design schemes, SF Real Granite can usually be found around $70-$90 per square foot.

Premium Black Granite

Average Material/Installation Per Sq. Foot: $70-$90

msi-premium-black-granite-kitchen-counter-with-waterfall-island-minPremium Black Granite

Premium Black Granite is serene in its solid, deep, and entrancing black coloring. Perfect for white walls, cabinets, and other nearby elements. The cost of this granite can often be found in the $70-$90 per square foot range. 

Luna Pearl Granite

Average Material/Installation Per Sq. Foot: $70-$90

msi-luna-pearl-granite-speckled-countertop-minLuna Pearl Granite

Luna Pearl Granite consists of an intricate pattern of grays and whites, pleasing to look at and perfect for kitchen countertops. Originally from Spain, Luna Pearl Granite tends to run around $70-$90 per square foot and even works for outdoors in extreme temperatures. This is a strong and sturdy granite selection that can withstand daily use in your new kitchen!

As you can see, there are so many color varieties of granite countertops, the design dilemma falls around which one to choose! Of course, you want to find a color and hue that works for your own sensibility; after all, the kitchen is one of the most traversed rooms in a home. But granite countertops also offer a classiness and grace that other options might not.

To clean granite countertops, its best to use a microfiber cloth to dust off the surface. While there are polishes and special cleaners available, many recommend just a daily wipe down with water to maintain its integrity.

Sealing your granite countertop is important so that it can continue to be the strong and durable focal point that you need it to be. Sealing usually happens once a year, which enables the granite to be less porous, so you don’t have to fret over oils and stains.

Overall, the world is at your fingertips when it comes to selecting a quality and beautiful granite countertop. Ask yourself which design might best fit your design plans and especially which color you would like to see every day since the kitchen is an unavoidable daily space! Entertaining guests and having family dinners knowing you have a reliable and beautiful granite countertop can make all the difference in feeling confident and comfortable in your home.

Are you excited to add elegance and charm to your kitchen with granite? Contact the experts at MSI now via convenient live chat, locate an authorized MSI retailer near you, or stop by an MSI showroom to browse granite colors in person.

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