Outdoor Oasis: Granite – Number One Choice for Outdoor Countertops

August 03, 2016


The heart of the home has always been the kitchen, but during the summer, why not move your kitchen outdoors? In the last decade, outdoor kitchens, resplendent with grills, outdoor refrigerators, pizza ovens, and smokers have risen to the top of home wish lists. Gone are the days of card tables and stand-alone grills. Today, elegant custom outdoor kitchens and gathering spaces bring families together like never before. Fresh designs complement state-of-the-art equipment with comfortable seating areas, bars wrapped in natural stone, stunning cabinetry, and exquisite granite countertops


In fact, granite is the ideal material for outdoor kitchens—suitable for all climates, non-porous, bacteria-resistant (perfect for raw meat prep) and easy to clean. Hundreds of granite colors are available, and when you see for yourself how this natural stone comes to life in the sun, you’ll wonder why you haven’t incorporated granite countertops into your outdoor oasis sooner! Whether your design scheme is traditional, old-world, transitional, contemporary, or modern, there are natural granites to complement your aesthetic. For example, MSIs White Sand granite adapts beautifully to all styles, and reflects light and movement throughout your space.

sand-graniteFeatured: White Sand

Because granite is durable and non-porous, it does not require significant upkeep or maintenance. All that is regularly required is wiping up spills with a damp rag and cleaning with a mild detergent as needed. We do recommend that you seal your granite countertops every 1-2 years to keep your countertop beautiful and protected, but rest assured the process will only take a few minutes.

monte-cristo-graniteFeatured: Monte Cristo

While in many parts of the country, outdoor cooking was once relegated to the summer months, the addition of a roof, wind breaks, and a pizza oven or fireplace makes your new outdoor oasis usable virtually year-round. In cooler climates you can even add radiant heating elements under the granite, keeping it warm to the touch for outdoor gatherings anytime of the year.

And in the summer, natural stone remains cooler to the touch than most premium engineered materials, making it perfect to rest against on a hot evening while awaiting smoked chicken, grilled fish, or a juicy steak. For kitchens with intense direct sun, lighter color granites are typically recommended, as they will retain less of the heat generated by the sun’s rays. One favorite, Verde Fusion, complements a wide range of tones and colors; its soft creams, dark greens, and hints of black blend harmoniously to create a mid-tone palette suitable for virtually every design. 

verde-fusion-graniteFeatured: Verde Fusion

Extending the indoors out is a hot trend today, and more and more architects and interior designers are creating a cohesive and welcoming transition to the backyard. One way to achieve this harmony is to bring your indoor design aesthetic outdoors. This may mean matching your indoor kitchen’s granite countertops to your outdoor kitchen, or perhaps incorporating the same pavers or weather-appropriate tiles in both spaces.

bordeaux-dream-graniteFeatured: Bordeaux Dream

 Another popular choice is to meld your outdoor kitchen with its natural surroundings by using natural stone for the base and floor, and complementing these with a beautiful coordinating granite countertop. Golden Crystal’s warm, creamy tones blend beautifully with rustic natural stone, creating a soothing and welcoming environment.

golden-crystal-graniteFeatured: Golden Crystal

When designing your new outdoor oasis, take advantage of Mother Nature’s artistry and choose natural stone slabs, stacked stone, and pavers for your outdoor kitchen. The combinations available are endless, and limited only by your imagination. Timeless, elegant, durable, low-maintenance, and unique…what more could you ask for? Granite is simply the best choice for your outdoor countertops.