M S International, Inc. is dedicated to protecting the environment. This is a collective effort embraced by suppliers, fabricators, employees, and our customers. MSI is focused on improving and inventing ways provide our customers with premium surfaces, including Stile® Porcelain slabs, in the most environmentally responsible ways to provide.

Making even small changes in production and distribution can help to reduce environmental impact and reduce pollution. We encourage our customers, fabricators, vendors, and employees to reuse and recycle whenever, and wherever possible.

Here is how Stile® Porcelain slabs are environmentally friendly:

  • Non-toxic with very low VOCs
  • Meets rigid indoor air quality standards
  • Will not produce contaminants due to inert product construction
  • Does not easily support the growth of mold, fungus or bacteria
  • Sustainable building material
  • Easy care and maintenance harsh chemicals are not required for cleaning