Indoor/outdoor rockmount + paver collection

Embrace a new way of creating a stylish, serene, and stunning haven. Create an aesthetic that flows from indoors to out. MSI’s Rockmount + Paver Collection allows you to design from the ground up with a broad range of durable pavers and stacked stone panels in beautiful colors ranging from classic to contemporary.
rockmount paver indoor outdoor tile

Create Seamless looks with matching stacked stone and paver combinations

Open the door to design freedom. The Rockmount + Paver Collection offers a dynamic array of stacked stone panels and matching pavers to deliver a seamless interior/exterior look. A range of textures and colors in natural stone and porcelain allows you to create spaces that speak to your unique style and carry it through from room to room to out the door.

From floors, patios, and walkways to fireplace and barbeque surrounds, planter walls, and backsplashes, this collection is a perfect way to enhance your design.

silver travertine room scene
silver travertine room scene
cosmic white roomscene
cosmic black roomscene
mountain bluestone roomscene
mayra white roomscene
beige looks room-scene
tuscany scabas roomscene

Complete the look

Whether you are updating your interior or creating a new outdoor oasis, the design possibilities are endless. Consider mixing wood, pebbles, or patterned tile to complement your stacked stone and pavers. Whether your style is modern, bohemian, classic, or farmhouse chic, MSI’s extensive portfolio of surface solutions has everything you need to complete the look.