White Marble: The Resurging Trend That Never Went Away

June 29, 2014

In the world of design, there are few truths that remain unchanged over the ages: combine textures, less is more, and you can’t go wrong with the color white. When it comes to countertops, this last point is changing but only in the sense that it has become truer. Pick up any magazine or visit any interior design showroom and you’ll notice the timeless trend that, if possible, has become more popular. Credit this white explosion to Martha Stewart’s gorgeous marble countertops or give a nod to Europe, where marble countertops have surfaced in everything from Parisian café tables to Italian Old World kitchen counters for centuries. Whomever you recognize for this huge resurgence of the trend that never went away, recognize this too: marble is the natural stone that will bring timeless elegance and popular design to your home in the most natural way possible.