Luxury Goods In One Stop

October 09, 2013

One of the most unique things to find in the design marketplace these days are materials in multiple product types that all complement each other. In other words…does this match? Many designers know the trick to putting products together but one key rule is not to believe that all items have to be the same material and color. The key to great design is finding items that work together and finding that fine balance of mix. Being able to find all these items under one roof is another huge bonus!


This upscale bathroom exhibits a few of the thousands of items we carry that will provide our customers with the best materials at the best price.  In this bathroom you will see the following items: 


Floor: Dimension Concrete 18X18 Porcelain & 2X2 shower floor

Shower Wall: Loft Khaki 12x24 and Venetian Cafe Glass

Vanity Top: Calacatta Vagli Marble

Fireplace: Arctic White Ledger Panels