Travertine Tile Selection

Travertine Surface Finishes

  • Acid Washed ??? A dull, non-reflective finish that is developed by washing the surface with acid
  • Chipped Edge ??? All edges will be slightly chipped to give rustic appearance.
  • Filled ??? Will have all or most of the holes filled with cement materials and sometimes with resins.
  • Polished ??? Smooth surface, high reflection.
  • Tumbled ??? Surface texture developed from the actual tumbling of the stone to create rustic appearance.
  • Unfilled ??? Holes to remain open on surface.

Travertine Selection At Source

Every block of Travertine stone is unique in color and density. There can be 3-4 shade of colors from one block. Block cutting will result into Travertine tiles which have mixed color and quality. Each tile is inspected and sorted based on background colors, movement and density of stone.

Travertine Tile Light Background No Fills

Light Background; almost no fills.

Travertine Tile Light Background Minimum Fills

Light Background; slight movement with minimum fills.

Travertine Tile Medium

Medium to slight dark cololr with some fills.

Travertine Tile Mixed In Color

Mixed in color, movement and can be heavy fills.

What You Should Look For:

  • Vein trend, color and movement
  • Incidence of holes, and fill if applicable
  • Honed should be smooth and flat like glass
  • Tumbled will be a weathered look
  • Wet look vs. Dry look

Travertine Assortment

Pick a color of Travertine tile that can enhance your d??cor. Travertine tile ranges in shades from white to warm brown. There are many variations of colors in between. Pick a lighter color to make a room appear larger. A darker color can serve a s a good contrast to the light colors of fixtures. Select the style that you like best.

There are various assortments of all types of Travertine in stock including light, medium, dark and wild colors in various finishes, sizes and patterns. We have Travertine at all price ranges to compete with any suppliers, importers and distributors.

Travertine Tile Light Shade

Light Shade
Tuscany Platinum
Cascade Beige

Medium Shade
Tuscany Imperium
Tuscany Classic
Tuscany Beige
Tuscany Storm

Travertine Tile Dark Shade

Dark Shade
Tuscany Walnut
Tuscany Gold
Noche Alpaca

Travertine Tile Mixed In Color

Wide Variation
Tuscany Porcini
Philadelphia Antico
English Walnut