The vibrant colors and unique texture makes slate tile an exceptional interior flooring alternative. Slate is formed of compressed layers of sediments formed under the ocean. Its tough composition makes it resistant to fading, scratches, and even chemicals. Although it needs to be sealed regularly, slate tiles last virtually forever with a little maintenance. With over 25 color options to choose from, slate tile can make a wonderful addition to any room, even those in colder climates.

Raw material is extracted from the quarries in the form of small random shaped pieces as per the required sizes.

Once the pieces are extracted from the quarries they are edge cut and under go a splitting process. The pieces extracted from the quarries will vary in thickness from 3/8”– 1.5”. Depending on the required thickness, the tiles are split accordingly.

Slate Tile Flat Deposit Quarry

Flat Deposit Quarry

Slate Tile Vertical Deposit Quarry

Vertical Deposit Quarry

flooring slate tile source2

Once the tiles are edge cut and calibrated (hand selected for thickness and finished so both sides can be used). They undergo quality control and will be packed.

Manufacturing defects that are removed during quality control:
  • Out of Square
  • Broken corners
  • Wrong sizes