March 27, 2021 - MSI Works with Local Nonprofits to Offer Vaccinations to the Community at Large

March 27, 2021

Sarva Mangal Family Trust, Joy of Sharing, Sahara and Saahas for Cause – all So Cal based nonprofits – joined hands with Mr. and Mrs. Parth and Yuchita Parikh from Pico Care Rx in setting up and running a COVID vaccination camp at the Sanatan Dharma Temple in Norwalk on March 27, 2021. Over 675 persons were vaccinated through a streamlined process that included early web registration, onsite check-in, vaccination and 15-minute resting.

A campaign was devised with the support of over 25 south Asian organizations to spread the word prior to the vaccination camp. The camp was successful as we not only were able to vaccinate over 650 people belonging to south Asian minorities and other groups, but we had to turn over 50 people away as Pico Care had already hit their target for the day.

People from all backgrounds, including those from low socioeconomic status were vaccinated. In the days leading up to the camp, Saahas volunteers played an active role in outreach efforts to both propagate camp and registration information as well as helping many with the actual website registration process. On the day of the camp, Saahas was pleased to offer water and snacks to the volunteers, health professionals and to those vaccinated.

Pico Care Rx did an outstanding job of organizing the entire camp with Moderna vaccines. Further camps are planned in the upcoming weeks to cover all eligible population sectors in greater numbers.

The entire effort was coordinated by Dr. Nitin Shah and Mr. Adhir Shah, who mobilized the volunteers and got everyone together.

This is a great example of synergy between various nonprofits working together along with Pico Care Rx to benefit the community at large.