07/27/2021 - MSI Extends Worldwide Relief Efforts During the Global COVID-19 Pandemic



M S International, Inc. (MSI), the leading supplier of flooring, countertops, wall tile, and hardscaping products, remains steadfast in its philanthropic nature during the global pandemic. Throughout the last 18 months, MSI stayed dedicated and focused on others and giving back globally.

The pandemic negatively impa- cted many lives, and MSI looked for ways to make an overall positive global impact. Here are some significant relief efforts MSI contributed to throughout the COVID-19 pandemic:

Relief efforts throughout the USA:

  • 400 Man hours dedicated to vaccination logistics and administration.
  • MSI was one of the initial catalysts, vaccinating over 15,000 people in the USA.
  • MSI distributed over 300,000 face masks and 50,000 face shields to hospitals, schools, and shelter homes across the country.
  • MSI distributed over 6,000 Chromebooks and iPads to help public school students (in 18 school districts), seniors, and other individuals transition to a digital world due to the global pandemic.

Relief efforts throughout India:

  • Using MSI's global resourcing, MSI sourced and distributed 13,000 oxygen concentrators
  • MSI donated funding to manufacturing oxygen plants
  • MSI funded vaccines for over 50,000 people
  • Over 18 million lives in India were positively impacted through relief efforts

"MSI and the MSI Sarva Mangal Family Trust donated and matched funds, raising over 2.75 million towards COVID-19 relief efforts for the U.S. and India by taking both short-term and long-term strategies to reduce the oxygen crisis and step up India's health awareness and vaccination efforts,” said Raj Shah, President for MSI. “We are humbled to be part of such a crucial effort of bringing people together and helping front-line workers save lives."

MSI Extends Worldwide Relief Efforts

To learn more about MSI’s charitable contributions and community involvement, please visit https://www.msisurfaces.com/corporate/charitable-trust.aspx

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