01/09/2023 - Manu Shah Retires as CEO of MSI After 47 Years in the Making



M S International, Inc. (MSI) announced that after a 47-year career as founder and CEO, Manu Shah is retiring from MSI.

Manu’s journey as a successful CEO began with very humble beginnings in India as the last of nine children. At the young age of 22, he set out to pursue the American dream. A year later, in 1968, he received a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University. A few years later, in 1971, he married his wife Rika, creating the ultimate dream team.

In 1975, the power couple formed MSI in the basement of their home in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Working as an engineer during the day and on MSI at night, while their children Raj and Rup were sleeping, Manu diligently started exporting microprocessors and memory chips. When exporting dried up, he began importing granite. By 1982, the duo completed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

A year later, Manu quit his job as an engineer to dedicate his full-time efforts to MSI, becoming the official CEO. In 1984, Mr. Shah moved his family and MSI to Southern California so the company could be close to a port city. Within a short year, MSI surpassed $1 million in annual revenues and in 1987, the Shah’s opened the first MSI Warehouse in Santa Fe Springs, CA. The Company is now headquartered in Orange, CA

After trials and tribulations, the Shah’s have built a successful organization with $2.8 billion in revenue. As a top private company in the U.S., The Company has over 45 showrooms and distribution centers in greater North America. As a top 20 importer in the U.S., MSI features 10 product lines with thousands of on-trend products. As a leading employer, MSI supports over 400,000 jobs worldwide, positively affecting the lives of over 1.6 million people.

While Manu has had much success over the last 47 years, he has never lost focus of philanthropic efforts and giving back to the community locally and globally. Please read more about MSI’s charitable trust and look for more in the future! Manu plans to continue his philanthropic efforts in his retirement in addition to spending even more quality time with his grandchildren.

“Success is a never-ending journey, it’s like climbing a mountain. When you reach the top of the summit and look below, you forget all the pain it took you to reach the top. You see the beautiful surroundings below and look forward to the other mountains yet to climb… You have to keep climbing, sometimes fast [and] occasionally slow, and start fresh every day,” said Mr. Shah. “Thank you, Team MSI for continuing our mission of Making Dream Surfaces Attainable. I look forward to this company growing forever.”

Manu will officially have the title of CEO Emeritus and will serve to advise and coach many leaders at MSI including his two sons Raj and Rup Shah.

Co-Presidents, Raj and Rup Shah are the successors and have officially been promoted to co-CEOs. “We look forward to continuing to build MSI using all of the lessons and tools our parents have provided us,” said Raj Shah. “We would like to thank our parents for guiding us and assure them we will continue their vision for MSI,” said Rup Shah

About M S International, Inc. (MSI)
Founded in 1975, MSI is a leading supplier of flooring, countertop, wall tile, and hardscaping products in North America. Headquartered in Orange, California, MSI maintains over 45 state-of-the-art showrooms and distribution centers across the U.S. and Canada, with domestically sourced products for Q™ Premium Natural Quartz in Latta, South Carolina, and Premium LVT in Cartersville, Georgia. MSI's product assortment includes an extensive offering of quartz, LVT, tile, natural stone, and glass products imported from over 37 countries on six continents.