05/17/2019 - MSI Introduces the Industry’s First Augmented Reality Countertop Visualizer Tool


MSI, North America’s Leading Supplier of Premium Surfaces, announced the debut of its Countertop Visualizer. A first-in-industry augmented reality (AR) feature; the company adds the visualizer to its array of virtual design tools – including its Flooring Visualizer and Virtual Kitchen Designer. Available for desktop and mobile applications, the innovative web-based solution allows customers to render MSI countertops digitally in their interior and exterior spaces – in real time.


With no app to download, the Countertop Visualizer is designed to show trade partners, retailers, and homeowners how select countertops will look in their rooms in seconds. Once uploaded, the tool saves the image automatically. From there, consumers can do a variety of things: select other countertops, view product details, share it on social media and email, find a store, and rate their experience.

Emily Holle, Director of Trend & Design, said, “Imagination can only take you so far in the design process. It’s why designers include 3D spatial renderings when presenting plans to their clients. In addition to seeing how a particular countertop will look in your space—and how it integrates with other design elements in say a kitchen or laundry room—you can now use the augmented reality tool to compare different looks easily.”

The Countertop Visualizer allows consumers to see nuances like veins and color variations in close-up images. A photo taken from across a room helps to provide general context. “It’s a great way to narrow down your favorites and minimize the angst associated with deciding on the one. It’s also a tool that invites discovery. With some of the world’s most beautiful countertops at your fingertips, you may decide on something unexpected. The act of exploring— without leaving the couch— makes the design process more enjoyable,” Ms. Holle, continued.

Rup Shah, President of MSI, said, “It’s no accident that we’re the first to introduce this new technology. Since day one, we’ve remained focused on improving the customer experience. The Countertop Visualizer facilitates this by helping trade partners, retailers, and homeowners achieve the best possible outcomes with our products.”

The company offers a few ways to use its Countertop Visualizer. You can learn about the augmented reality features on the tool’s landing page here. Alternatively, look for the “See this on my Countertop” banner on both countertop selection and product detail pages.

Founded in 1975, MSI is the leading supplier of premium surfaces in the U.S. – including flooring, countertops, decorative mosaics and wall tile, and hardscaping products. The company offers an extensive selection of quartz, natural stone, porcelain, ceramic, luxury vinyl tile and glass among other materials. Headquartered in Orange, California, MSI has distribution centers across the United States and Canada and maintains over 150 million square feet of inventory, imported from over 36 different countries on six continents. For more information on MSI, visit msisurfaces.com.