Granite Tile Source

Granite Sourcing

MSI’s major source of granites are from Brazil and India. Brazil has an immense quantity of mineral riches with great exporting potential in the dimensional stone sector.

90% of the investments in the Brazilian stone sector industries are achieved in Espirito Santo. The North and Northeast of Espirito Santo concentrate on about 70% of granite extraction. They currently import over 4000 containers/year working with more than 50 different supply chain partners.

India is endowed with one of the best granite deposits in the world, having excellent varieties and different shades. India accounts for over 20% of the world resources in granite. Brilliant black to multi colors of granite are mostly available in the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan.

Currently we procure material from over 50 vendors approximately importing over 2500 containers a year. MSI also sources granite from China, Italy, Spain, Africa and few other countries offering a wide range of selection to our customers.

How It's Made

Quarry Extraction and Block Dressing

  1. The cutting equipment in this quarry works by drilling holes into the mountain which intersect, running a cutting cable through the holes and feeding the cable like a bicycle chain into the equipment, which will pull the cable until it has worn away all the stone and comes free leaving a standing block.
  2. The huge block separated from quarry wall is further broken down into smaller blocks suitable for transportation.
  3. With the help of heavy cranes, these blocks are lifted and loaded in the truck. These trucks deliver the blocks to the site where it can be cut into slabs or tiles using a machine called a gang saw or marble saw.
  4. This block is shaped as a cube using a dressing machine. It is then placed inside the gang saw using a trolley for the purpose of sawing.
  5. The imported steel plates and diamond segments placed inside the gang saw helps in cutting the hard marble block into slabs or strips for tiles.
Granite Tile Source