8 Countertop Edges For Endless Possibilities

January 20, 2014

There are many different edge profiles available for granite countertops. With so many options that can often sound quite alike, it may be difficult to pinpoint the right edge for your intended look or purpose. Knowledge is key to smart design – so we offer you descriptions for 8 of the most common granite profiles to help you plan beautiful designs and shop smart for your next countertop project. 


1. The Classic Ogee. This is a premium edge that uses a stacked look to achieve a rounded, clean profile. The ogee profile is ideal for features and focal points. A classic ogee is a great way to elevate the design of an island or breakfast area.


2.  The Basic (or Full) Bullnose. This edge is fully rounded on both the top of the edge and the bottom. It is a highly popular, standard piece best suited to islands or places where an extension of the slab past the cabinets, such as a breakfast bar, are desired. Similar to the full bullnose, a double bullnose is also a great choice – the same, only slightly thicker at 1.5”.

3.  The Triple Bullnose. Also sometimes referred to as a waterfall edge, this edge is a highly custom series of bullnose edges stacked one on top of the other. This edge will enrich a large space or highlight a small one. It is an excellent selection for a theme kitchen, especially regal, extravagant looks.

4.  Polished Standard – A classic, standard edge, this profile is arguably the most popular. The edge is squared and then smoothly polished for an unassuming edge that is great for displaying impressive, thick slabs of stone.


5.  Half-bullnose – Rounded on the top but square on the bottom, this edge is ideal for sink areas, as a bead of water will not travel around to the cabinetry below, as it may with a basic or full bullnose.

6.  Double bevel – This is another premium edge with an angular cut that strikes away the tips of a polished standard at the very top and bottom to enhance the visual interest. Additionally, the specialized cut draws attention to the thickness of the stone and offers a different way to enjoy the natural beauty of the stone. 


7.  Dupont Apron – A highly ornate edge profile, the apron is a custom edge with a cove-like cut, similar to an ogee edge balanced on a classic, polished standard edge. This is also a popular edge for marble, adding a sophistication to an already elegant stone.

8.  Dupont  Bullnose – Highly stylized for ornamental applications, this edge is similar to a triple bullnose. However, where a triple bullnose is stacked vertically, the waterfall of a dupont bullnose is more like a staircase. This edge is a great option for accentuating focal points or for taking granite from a simple surface to an artist statement.

Eight edge profiles do not encompass every edge available, particularly when local fabricators may have their own highly customized options available. Check out MSI’s large selection of countertop edge profile details.  Also, view MSI’s premium surface granite collection with over 250 beautiful color patterns ready for finishes and edges that bring even more personality to this exciting, dimensional stone. Visit MSI’s Kitchen Visualizer to explore the possibilities of granite – options for Kitchen scenes #1, 2, 3 and 4 each offer different edge profiles!