Perfect Combination

January 07, 2014

As you all are well aware, there are many decorating rules that tend to make everyone nervous about making selections for a new design project. Will this go together? Is this the right color? What paint color should I use? I could go on and on. But, remember the ultimate goal is not to please your mom, compete with your neighbor, or impress the pizza delivery man. It is to please yourself and your family by creating a warm, inviting, and comfortable environment that expresses your personal style. There really are no “rights or wrongs” as long as you are pleased at the end of your project. Take a look at the feature kitchen below.

We paired Porcelain Wood Plank Floors with a Hexagon Marble Backsplash, a Stone & Crackle Glass Linear Mosaic, two different countertops and two different cabinet colors to create a masterpiece that all completes this dream kitchen. 



Metallica Granite | Madreperola Quartzite | Crema Cappuccuino 1" Hexagon | Stonegate Interlocking | Redwood Natural 6x36 Floor Tile

That being said, there are some tricks of the trade if you really want complete a room that looks like you hired an interior designer. First off, start by looking at magazines. Shelter publications and online sites have great photography that you can collect to give you a jump start. You can make a design folder with actual tear sheets or a digital folder of spaces you love. Also, remember that “personal style thing.” Many people gravitate towards colors they wear or places they like to go. Be very deliberate about the concept that if you love it, it will work. Trendy is not always the best option unless you plan to change out the room every couple of years. Start collecting your ideas and begin to do you homework on functionalty.


Once you get to the selection phase begin to choose samples of your permanent install items (countertop, cabinet options, flooring, etc.) and then start to layer on less permanet items (drapery, paint, hardware). You can build a mini collage of products to make sure they sit well together. Look for a comality like warm or cool colors and look for something that may clash amongst the group. Take a look at the groupings above to see how you can create your dream space by grouping like items to design a room that reflects your personal style.