Envision Your Kitchen With The Kitchen Visualizer

March 18, 2013

As the leader in premium surfaces for nearly forty years, MSI offers thousands of materials for countertops, flooring, and wall cladding. Given our extensive selection, is quite a challenge to imagine all the beautiful combinations possible in the mind’s eye alone. MSI is therefore thrilled to announce the launch of the perfect companion to your imagination – the Kitchen Visualizer tool.


With the Kitchen Visualizer, the user can envision MSI products in different kitchen settings with one quick and easy to use application. This helpful tool mixes and matches cabinet colors with a variety of countertop, floor tile and backsplash tile options. Here are just a few reasons to use the Kitchen Visualizer for a kitchen build or remodel:

The Kitchen Visualizer puts the customer in the driver’s seat. Designers by their very nature can take a mental picture of a wide variety of design components in play at once, yet translating that vision to others can be difficult with swatches, tile samples, and sketches. The Kitchen Visualizer is an excellent companion for the designer who wants to help a client to see their material selections in action.

Beyond the kitchen, the Kitchen Visualizer can also demonstrate what works – bathrooms, wet bars, and conference rooms call for similar applications of countertops and wall tile. Designs in the Kitchen Visualizer can easily expand to encompass other areas of the home or office. Clients can play with a wide variety of options to also better contribute to the conversation or vocalize their desires.


The limitations of the Kitchen Visualizer help one to look beyond the basics. The Kitchen Visualizer tool allows one to manipulate the cabinet colors, countertop, floor tile, and backsplash selections. However, it also expands the imagination to consider other choices that will need to be made in a redesign or build, beyond MSI’s product lines.

For example, when selecting MSI tiles for the backsplash and floor, a client might realize that the natural stone materials he enjoys would be better offset by black appliances, rather than stainless, or perhaps by a different color wall. While he cannot change the appliances or wall paint in the tool, the Kitchen Visualizer helps the client to take the entire room into consideration, beyond the flooring, countertops, and mosaic tile options available at MSI, to make the best choices for the project as a whole, and create a full plan for a remodel or build.

The Kitchen Visualizer tames the imagination. When it comes to design, some might say that the sky is the limit. However, selecting components without considering them as a whole can lead to busy, over-designed spaces. The sky may be the only limitation when it comes to the myriad combinations available, but the Kitchen Visualizer will prevent clients from picking too many things they love that cannot exist in harmony. 

At the same time, the Kitchen Visualizer also expands the imagination. As easy as it is to let a “sky’s the limit” mentality overtake a designer, so too is it possible to limit the imagination for the fear of doing too much. Many clients are afraid to mix and match patterns and colors, knowing how easy it is to do too much and let the theme get away from them.

The Kitchen Visualizer takes the guess work out of it. With neutral wall colors and appliances to complement every selection, and two room structure options, the Kitchen Visualizer allow clients, or their designers, to envision everything MSI has to offer – Who knew this would look so good together? I never thought of making a statement with that…

Let the Kitchen Visualizer take the guesswork out of design and use it to create the kitchen of your dreams. With easy clicks, no lengthy uploads, and instantaneous results, the Kitchen Visualizer is an exceptional tool that allows you to save, print, and email any design you create for future use. 

We encourage you to take your time to explore the many combinations possible - and to visit the Kitchen Visualizer often, as it is updated weekly with new colors and products!