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Gwendolyn Dean
06 February 2016
Need this tool. Having a diffocult time selecting countertop.
carolyn hunter
11 January 2016
Great visualization
22 May 2015
Great site, would love to have the ability to split up cabinets and island for color. Also painted walls and more floor options would be so helpful!
01 May 2015
I got meaningful help and learned many things I did't know using kitchen visualization. It is an excellent experience to have this. Many Thanks
Susan Hartman
25 November 2014
Love this tool. Just wish there was an option for no backsplash and/or 4" back splash out of same material as counter top.
28 October 2014
I will add my congratulations. Good Visualizer!!!!
28 October 2014
Awesome job, way to go guys.
Yvonne B.
03 September 2014
GREAT job with this website -- outstanding visual help!!!
Sam K
05 August 2014
This is good stuff.
Zbigniew Twarog
22 July 2014
Great use of technology! Thanks!
Pam Bowler
30 April 2014
This is a fantastic website! Very helpful!
Marlene Flores
18 April 2014
Love your website!!!! Completely helpful..wish there were more websites like this.
17 April 2014
Love this! Just wish there were more floor and backsplash options. Also the new "Normandy" granite is not on here :)
Maggie Coleman
03 April 2014
Love your website - it is really helpful when trying to pick out a countertop that will match the cabinets, floor, etc.
23 March 2014
This is amazing, completely helped me make decisions on backslash and confirmed my countertop choice! Thank you!
Inés Ruiz
28 January 2014
Excelente página. Gracias Nellie.
17 January 2014
Fantastic web site. Easy to use and helps tremendously those of us who have trouble imagining how things will look.
Jo-Ann Savoie
26 October 2013
Awesome site! It really helps to visualize for those who have a hard time imagining what it would look like! Thank you.
16 September 2013
Love this thing. Love the contemporary glass, mosaics, etc,but Maybe throw in some basic 3"x6" brick pattern, some diagonal 6x6, and some more basic patterns in a neutral travertine to give clients some cleaner, less busy looks also.
Paulette Swain
16 September 2013
Thank helpful in making the right choice.
30 August 2013
A big help in making a selection. Wish I could input any of your samples.More choices possible would be an added plus!
Remi S.
28 August 2013
Great item. However, should be able to use same granite as backsplash as well. Also a bathroom visualizer would be great!
12 August 2013
Great to be able to see everything in place. Maybe consider adding a couple modern templates and wall colors!
David K.
12 August 2013
Great site for one-stop decision making and being able to quickly change the look if needed. Nice bonus for their customers.
Theresa Reid
08 August 2013
Jake was awesome. Excellent service. Great selection.
Janice Ronschke
06 August 2013
This is great! Made such a difference to be able to put a slab in place!
leslie ehrlich
04 August 2013
A wonderful service. Please show more slabs and very soon, because it really helps decision-making.
Lori M
04 August 2013
This is very helpful and super easy to use. Any way you could add a few wall color choices?
Karis Strauss
01 August 2013
Is it possible to add Silver tip to the backsplashes as well as Eramosa Silver to the flooring
Dan Gilmore & Leslie Clark
26 July 2013
This app is great,helps tremendously when we bought a slab of granite from you to replace the last one our installers had broken on install,once we tried this app we both agreed,it made it to show the counter with our color cabinets ect.Should be able to
24 July 2013
LOve this app! Can you add DaVinci noche to the floor choices. More choices in general would make this perfect!
13 July 2013
Great tool! It would be great to be able to change the paint color.
12 July 2013
DANG MISSED THE BOAT. Would have loved to use your site it was so so so easy to use and fun. On next reno will definetly be back here. it still was a big help in completing my existing reno
12 July 2013
This is great! Would like to be able to select granite choices for the backsplash. More cabinet colors would also help.
06 July 2013
Nice! But need more cabinet colors. Way too few! Otherwise, good job... But you miss the mark a bit. We have parchment color. You should go to a cabinet site and see the othe colors available. Thank you.
Barb Pavlik
03 July 2013
I absolutely love your visualizer tool. I had wished someone had this and found it after my visit to your warehouse. Thank you so much.
03 July 2013
I want to let you know how absolutely wonderful your interactive website is. I played with the kitchen scenarios, putting together instant vignettes for about 30 minutes and loved it! I found it to be extremely user friendly and very helpful. Even though
24 June 2013
WOW! Love this tool! Was very impressed with your "store" when we visited before, but this is really a big help for my next remodel.
Tina Collier
19 June 2013
Would be ideal if the Kitchen Visualization application allowed the user to change the island countertop and cabinet different colors from the surrounding cabinets and countertops. This is the newest trend, but not visible here.
Elizabeth Auda
08 June 2013
Love the Kitchen Visualizer tool - fantastic help to see how my MSI granite will look with the cabinets and floor! Thank you
Judy D
29 May 2013
Very helpful tool. Wood flooring colors would be nice, as it helps visualize the entire combination. (Maybe just a couple--light/dark--if you don't sell flooring).
22 May 2013
Muy buen trabajo una erramienta más para acer un buen trabajo thanks
Allan J. Bistany
21 May 2013
Would be great to see backsplash in granites.
Jeff Gamba
02 May 2013
Great tool, I showed it to my client Calvina and were able to get an idea of what color granite. Nice job..........jeff
29 April 2013
Can you show the granite as a full back splash it would help to see the granite colors better and we do a lot of kitchens that why .
Ronny Martine
25 April 2013
This is great!
Victoria List
25 April 2013
GREAT idea, but need more countertop granites in the blue and green hues. Also: small photo scale doesn't show difference in blacks (e.g., Black Galaxy vs. Black Pearl). Keep adding more choices in colors, textures, etc.
Cindy Bowles
18 April 2013
This help 's tremendously!
Mihir Shah
10 April 2013
This will help our customer for better selection and will have idea what they are looking for
Hector Herrera
10 April 2013
FANTASTIC! Finally! OMG Thank you SO much. This is going to help not only us but the consumer as well.
10 April 2013
This is great sales tools. Thank you
David Webster
10 April 2013
Works Great. Wish there were more tile options for the floor and back-splash.
Tracy Schellhorn
10 April 2013
This is a great way to communicate visuals to people when it comes to relating countertop material to backsplash selections.
Erick Allen, GC, PDSA - Designer
10 April 2013
Limitless possibilities are at my fingertips, and with one touch of the screen, I have realized my clients' dream projects.
Jeffrey E Ashley
09 April 2013
this program will help our customers select and give them dream kitchen they are looking for this is fantastic
John OBrien
09 April 2013
Very cool app. Add as much product as you can and get me sample boards.
Cindy bowles
07 April 2013