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modern farmhouse family room

Modern farmhouses put our love of all things home and design into focus. Superfans far and wide adore this fresh, crisp, and bright design – created with a fusion of classic and modern influences. 

The aesthetic is striking and ageless, in part because it embraces simplicity. And because natural stone and wood elements lend an earthy vibe to the high-contrast B&W color story. The result is interiors that feel warm and familiar in all the right ways. For these reasons and more, we feature the modern farmhouse this year in our Top 5 Design Trends

modern farmhouse kitchen

Timeless details like barn wood and flea market finds mix with ultra-durable surfaces, and a ‘less is more’ philosophy to give families in 2020 a relaxed backdrop for today’s lifestyles. 

collage of modern farmhouse inspired designs
See our vision come to life.

Ready to experiment with this style? We hope the designs and guides offered here and in our Lookbook set off creative sparks. Like all the best things in life, the modern farmhouse trend is up for interpretation. Designers and homeowners alike are fanning the flames of the obsession by mixing the five signature elements we showcase here in eye-catching ways. The takeaway? Have fun making it your own! There’s nothing like mutual admiration to keep the inspiration flowing, so tag your favorites on Instagram with #msisighting. 

#1. It’s Black & White

black and white kitchen
Calacatta Verona Q countertop has a luxe white marble vibe – especially against the island’s black cabinetry.  Brushed brass fixtures add the perfect amount of sparkle. 

Are you planning a single room refresh? Or a full-house remodel?  The modern farmhouse black and white color palette is fresh, clean, and visually dramatic. With origins in Scandinavian design, the high-contrast look swings classic and sophisticated one minute, modern and edgy the next. 

bathroom with black and white porcelain tiles
It never fails to impress: meet Azila Porcelain Tile from our Kenzzi Collection.

In rooms big and small, crisp white paint and tile deliver an expansive, open feel.  Black & white patterned tile like Kenzzi shines on floors and walls. In the kitchen, it pairs well with subway tile, a matte black peripheral counter, and a white quartz island. Brushed brass hardware adds another layer of contrast. Rustic wood elements—open shelves, island cabinetry, and accent walls—make us love the duo even more. 

Customer favorites: Arctic White, Kenzzi Paloma, Kenzzi Kasbah, Black Soapstone, and Calacatta Cressa 3D.

#2. For the Love of Classics

modern farmhouse bathroom
Cafe Nero from our Antoni Porcelain Tile collection and Kenzzi’s Paloma add timeless drama to this bath.

It’s not a modern farmhouse without a few iconic styles in the mix. From the clean lines of subway tile to generous-size apron sinks to the old world charm of encaustic tiles to the crispness of shiplap, signature elements in modern farmhouse design have enduring appeal. Oh, and let’s not forget white marble counters, floors, and walls. The bonus? Because classic design elements maintain their allure generation after generation, they help boost home values. 

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